Black Box by Marc Newson for Dom Pérignon


Australian designer Marc Newson has designed a carrying case to hold a single bottle for champagne brand Dom Pérignon.

Called Black Box, the product encloses the bottle in two black polycarbonate shells with a green strap.

The box is designed to insulate its contents against shocks and temperature changes.

Here's some more information from Dom Pérignon :





For his fourth collaboration with the House of Dom Pérignon, Marc Newson has created for this exceptional wine a travel-friendly case that suits any occasion for global nomads like himself. Wherever he goes, Marc Newson turns his watchful, discerning eye to groundbreaking design potential. With the Black Box, he has created a case that resists the wear and tear of transport and keeps Dom Pérignon perfectly chilled, even in the hottest destinations.

dom pérignon and marc newson

At a time when designer collaborations with luxury houses tend to be one-shot events, design star Marc Newson’s collaboration with Dom Pérignon is unique for its richness and depth of expression. Five years into their association, Dom Pérignon continues to inspire Marc Newson as much as the designer inspires Dom Pérignon.

“I’ve always loved Champagne, but personally I feel very close to Dom Pérignon. It is classic yet cool and inherently modern. In terms of design, the fantastic silhouette of the bottle has stood the test of time – it remains unchanged since its creation and has become an icon. That’s a very rare trait.” Marc Newson

the black box

For this latest collaboration, Marc Newson projected the Dom Pérignon bottle onto his own lifestyle, taking it off its pedestal just enough to integrate it into everyday life and make it even more accessible no matter what the occasion.

Rather than reinterpret the iconic bottle, which he notes is “very special and instantly recognisable”, Newson aimed to instill it with a new, very modern sensibility that fits with today’s mobile lifestyle. The secret of the Black Box, he says, was to “expose” its shape and play up its silhouette. “It’s like creating the shadow of the bottle,” says Newson.

Newson’s inspiration stems from practical observations. “I look around at what exists and what should exist,” he says. “It’s about creating something qualitative, not disposable or gimmicky. Dom Pérignon’s philosophy - and mine - is the opposite of that..”

The result is a striking travel case created especially for a bottle of Dom Pérignon Vintage 2000, made of polycarbonate, a durable modern material, which has the added advantage of thermal compatibility. “As for the “hot and cool” aspect, there’s the literal interpretation: It does have the physical attribute to maintain temperature. And it has to be a hot and cool – as in “desirable” – product”, explains Newson. The bottle is completely insulated thanks to a double mold: The Black Box protects its precious contents from shock and temperature variations, thus preserving it while making a design statement all its own. Once it has been used as a portable stylish isotherm, the handle can also be removed to retain an uber cool design piece. “The Black Box was created to live in a consumer’s environment,” says Newson. “It will definitely find a prominent place on my mantelpiece at home!”

Not that Newson stays in one place for long. Ever on the move, he designed the Dom Pérignon Black Box with his own contemporary mobile lifestyle in mind. “With Dom Pérignon, you know that you will find excellence whether you are in Tokyo, Paris, Moscow or New York,” he notes. “There is something very reassuring about that. I love the idea of creating something that is globally appealing and enduring.”

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  • Gilbert Brule

    Perhaps in a 2nd life they could be used as bricks to rebuild Haiti.

  • Archie

    Is this recyclable? Is this biodegradable?

    Would make an interesting ice tray though…

  • Murve

    I might just go now and buy a bottle of Dom Pérignon so I can walk the streets like Marc in the photo.

    This piece is just another example of over packaging. Is it Recyclable Probabily not…. What ever happened to Champagne and classy boxes.

  • The idea is good but the handle looks quit cheap for a Dom Pérignon bottle!

    François Beydoun

  • Very well done, outstanding packaging!

  • slater

    Outstanding… an outstanding waste of materials, energy, thought (the little that there was going into the design) What’s the point?

  • onvn

    I don’t know how to react; is it stupid to carry a luxurious, not to mention expensive, beverage in a ‘cheap’ plastic, snap-lock case? or given that it IS practical, the juxtaposition of the two opposites is genius?

  • fish fingers

    what a corker.

  • Bit slow to catch up isn’t he? Hey Marc, the rest of the world is thinking about how to reduce packaging, not invent extra. It’s in a bottle for a reason, THAT’S THE PACKAGING!!!

    At least Phillipe Starck has the good grace to admit that the ‘First World Problems’ he ‘solved’ with his plastic landfill was a total waste of time. For god’s sake, grow up and think about the kids that have to inherit this earth and a bit less about your personal self-branding. Pathetic.

  • et

    ‘The box is designed to insulate its contents against shocks and temperature changes.’ What, when you’re trekking the Himalayas and want to bring your favourite tipple?

    I’m with Gilbert, use your talent to design something useful Marc. This is just a bit, well, vulgar really.

  • I Can Has Cheeseburger

    disappointing! what’s so great about it other than it’s marc newson!

  • Dan

    The fact is, it’s great.

    Everyone here would have said so too if it didnt say the packaging was designed by Newson.

  • Vladimir

    Visually – it’s very nice, simple, but effective. Environmentally, polycarbonate, don’t like it. I will agree with most of the commentators that in times of simplicity, reducing, recycling, this is a bit extravagant.

  • Serena T

    Marc Newson this time worked with -or should I say FOR- a big LUXURY Company: it’s OBVIOUS that he had to make something “extravagant” (and it could be much MUCH worse: just have a look at the other luxury pakagings in the alcoholics field).
    So, you all, just try and work for a big luxury company like that: do you really think that marketers and commercials will leave you all being that kind of “ethical” designers that you wanna be???

  • Xit

    This cheap packaging would work well for a bottle of Paco Rabanne perfume,

    Dom Perignon on the other hand requires something that transends its quality et savoir faire.

  • tchiang

    i like the design except the handle.
    why plastic can’t use in expensive goods? because the world say so?
    and single injection mold will create less pollution then over produced laminated paper box, which is much harder then recycle then a single piece of plastic. again, i wish the handle is integrate in the packaging instead of an extra piece.

    yes, if we can get away with extra packaging we should, but if we have to design one, i don’t believe this is the best, but i think it is nice and refreshing.

  • Elizabeth

    It’s pretty, but what a lot of overwritten drama about a case for DP. And really? “I feel very close to Dom Pérignon”?

  • Japr

    Newson , along with other few, fueled a whole generation of designers. He is a living page of design history. But is he retired already? He shows up after a long time with this bottle injected blister? It’s not that bad, but having achieved superstardom and wealth, in some way, he is expected to say something else regarding furniture, interiors, sneakers and objects in general