Zorro by Stephanie Knust


Cologne 2010: at imm cologne last month German designer Stephanie Knust exhibited a zig-zag shaped aluminium lamp.

Called Zorro, the lamp can be positioned balancing on three points or with the arms parallel to the wall and floor.

The anodised bent aluminium tube supports 90 LEDs encased in acrylic.

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Here's some text from the designer:



Unity in duality - space and light are a pair. This lamp´s angles play with the straight surface, they snuggle up or turn away. The three-dimensional Z-angle of the lamp is secure grip to lean around. Thus, it has either three points of contact or they can adapt themselves parallel to the 90-degree angle from wall to floor and secure it.

The bent aluminum tube is anodized, the golden hue glows warm in the cool glow of light. Ninety LED light points are embedded in acrylic. Their light is concentrated and intensified. Through the frosted acrylic surface the material appears opaque white and the light is glare-free.

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  • elpa

    90 LEDs !?!??! :o
    How much would it cost ?? :o

  • Fabulous! Great design!! A winner!!!

  • I really like the multiple ways how this super-simple can be positioned.

    good work!

  • bart

    i don’t think this goes beyond a first, graphic idea.
    thinking how to handle this practically just makes me nervous.
    like a broomstick, always waiting for the next fall..

  • I wonder if it will leave a burned mark at the wall…
    if not – very cool

  • peeween

    come on people- don’t be so overly concerned. burning the wall?? – leds dont burn anything! great design, cool approach, nice one!!

  • Wim

    @ elpa: I’m not sure if you are being sarcastic or not, but LEDs are supercheap. And they use very very little power (some mA) for the amount of light they give.

    @ amsterdam-er: LEDs generate nearly no heat. So there is no reason to be afraid for burnmarks on the wall. ;)

    I believe I saw a similar design before. But that doesn’t matter. It’s a very neat design with a nice aesthetics. But i also have my doubts about the functionality in terms of stability (slipping away etc.).

  • paul
  • kaptnk

    just looks like it’ll fall over all the time surely?

  • Do you know Plof-lamp. Very similiar design, comes from Spain 2 or 3 years ago.

  • Zaedrus

    Modify this so it can be free standing, and it would be an instant classic.

  • Stan

    Does anyone know the name of the desk on the first photo?

  • thomas gravemaker

    Have a look at the lights by Tomas Alonso. Probably more stable on the ground as well!

  • Doug

    “Modify this so it can be free standing, and it would be an instant classic.”
    If the modifications don’t ruin the visuals that everyone is responding to .
    Design is hard.

  • Damn – http://www.plof-lamp.com/

    that one wins.

  • scruces

    That’s F*&d Up…looks alot like the work of a good friend…Tomas Alonso

    Click on Mr.Light Series –


  • ^^ scruces – Plop-lamp is first shown early 2008! Spain to!


  • Woo! Sorry the Plof lamp is first shown 2005! Valencia


  • criter

    who cares about plof-lamp..
    nice work.

  • w


    Do your research. Good quality, high output, white LEDs are expensive.

    High power LEDs also generate a fair amount of heat. dissipating this heat is one of the main challenges of designing a luminiare with LEDs that have a substantial output. Anyway, the heat wouldnt be enough to burn the wall.

  • steph

    Hi Stan, the name of the desk on the first photo you will find here:

  • It does look like plof lamp (designed by Yonoh).

  • http://www.fontanaarte.it/files/pdf/bend.pdf

    Mr Smith light – for Fontana Arte

  • steph

    Zorro meets Milan – Via Tortona 12, Milan. It is open from 14th –18th April, daily 11 am to 8 pm – We would love to see you around – with greetings from Burg Giebichenstein, your graduate team – http://www.graduate10.de

  • Excellent German designer. The light-saber like quality is a very attractive thing. I wonder if it kick out much heat? I suppose with it being LEDs then it won't be too hot – but 90 LEDS?? Beautiful though.