Cafè Foam by Note Design Studio


Swedish designers Note Design Studio have tried to recreate the excitement of Spanish bull-fighting at a cafe in Stockholm.

Called Cafè Foam, the interior is divided by sheer red curtains and has wide bands of colour slashing across the walls and floor.

Photographs are by Stefano Barozzi.

The text below is from Note Design Studio:

Café Foam Interior Design

”We want you to create an interior design that people either love or hate and that nobody is indifferent to!” was the conditions given to us by the owner Michael Toutoungi when we started working with Café Foam.

We began searching for extremes where passion and hate were equally present.

Our entrance to the project became the complexity around bull fighting as a phenomenon.

We were fascinated by the bull and bullfighter´s mutual movements and the directions in the battle. This struggle along with the materials and colours at the stadium were the inspiration when designing the new Café Foam.

We allowed the Spanish temperament to meet the Scandinavian coolness and the inspiration from the bullfighter´s movements across the arena led us to create a design that is reminiscent of Baertling´s lines.

There were also two other important factors while creating the design.

The first was to keep certain well-known elements from the previous interior to make regulars feel right at home and the second was creating a vivid environment that made meetings easier, protected the integrity of its costumers and enhanced the eating experience. A place for everybody.

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  • Kong

    I hate it as a cafe because it is so girly, but i would love it as a swinger place, i`m sure it would attract nice girls ! There could be some actual BULLRIDING, not so much bullfighting. I got a big HORN for all the scandinavian cuties ! We can do it SPANISH too ! with the SPANISH FLY , CARAMBA !

    I got pink underwear also to go with the color scheme. STRING! so SEXY, Mamacita !

    This place needs some dirty grinding and winding and mutual movements going on inside, it is too cute. OLE !

  • eva

    where are the chairs from?

  • Fling

    The first time I saw a bullfight, I vividly recall it as a traumatic experience, and i wondered to myself at the time; “When is someone going to interpret this into a cafe and eating experience?”. Matador and Bull in the ancient duel, careering around the ring, grey marl contract furniture flying everywhere, soft fabrics asunder, the blind fury, a moment’s break for a frappachocolino latte, check emails on an IPad – then; the strike, a spritz of blood mingling with the bold abstract of a tossed cushion, blonde wood sullied.

  • karin

    i wonder about those chairs too. like them alot.

  • FN

    I thik the chairs are from a very good friend of mine…

  • Is it really PINK? Worse than terrible. Not to mention bull fighting issue.

  • Kurt

    I wonder how many innocent animals had to die for this cafe.


  • Fling rock.

  • Lab

    Damn, thats some striking shapes, I like the edgy lines.
    I think the chairs are from a Danish company, saw them in an exhibition a while ago but dont remember the name.

  • angry catalan

    I don’t think there’s much to say about this cafe, but as a curiosity I’ll say that in Spain bullfighting is associated to a different kind of imagery which at best is laughable and at worst makes you think of rural 60-somethings spitting on the pavement while they chew on a toothpick and scratch their arse… political implications aside.

    But I digress, because this looks nothing like bullfighting at all.

  • sepn

    I like the interior, looks cozy and elegant with a nice combination of colours.
    The lamps are very simple and beautiful.

  • magnifique travail….

  • Val

    Is this a forum about Spanish culture?
    @ Kong. Nobody says Caramba or Mamacita in Spain… so stop acting like an american dumb

    I like the cafe, and trying to mix so different cultures… but sorry this is not spanish, neither bullfighting looking. In bullfighting we talk about a social culture, about passion, about mixing social classes, have fun and also respect… and this is just pink&sand… Too simple