Lantern by Mathias Hahn for Ligne Roset


London designer Mathias Hahn has designed a pendant lamp that clamps to its own flex, which is now in production with French brand Ligne Roset.

Called Lantern, the light is made of glass and spun aluminium.

The lamp can be suspended at any height by clamping it to the long flex that passes through its shade and forms a pool on the floor.

Ligne Roset launched the design in Cologne last month. See all our stories from Cologne 2010 in our special category.

Here's some text from Hahn:


Manufactured by LIGNE ROSET

Height adjustable light

Made from spun aluminium and glass, the lamps of the LANTERN series operate within a typological framework, which finds its place somewhere between a floor lamp and a pendant lamp. By means of a clamp mechanism situated inside the lamps, they can be adjusted in height between floor and ceiling, moving it along the cord. With this in mind, the cable is, unusually, fed through the centre of the lamp. The configuration of lamp shade and cable utilises the geometry of the production processes and puts the traditional materiality into a new aesthetic and functional context.

Aluminium Glass

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  • Beetroot Risotto

    very nice… very nice…very nice…

  • dcbcn

    I like this design — except that it is really important to see a light fixture lighting something. I think that there should be a new rule on dezeen: functional objects must be shown functioning. Chairs must show people sitting in them; lights must be shown illuminating things.

  • I like the graphic effect. And I do agree with dcbcn at one point – could be great to see how it looks with light on.

  • I agree with dcbcn

  • My favourite of the month!

  • Scetchy

    Love it

  • ben

    well done mathias!

  • ben

    graphically very nice and they look great as an installation etc


    i’m just not sure they would be very usable at all in a residential or contract projects.

  • Roger

    Excellent Mathias! Keep up the good work!

  • martin

    elegante, practico, sencillo ¡¡