Blow Up – Bamboo by the Campana Brothers
for Alessi


Brazilian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana have designed a bamboo version of their Blow Up furniture and tableware collection for Italian design brand Alessi.

Called Blow Up – Bamboo, the pieces were originally prototyped in bamboo by the brothers before Alessi produced them in stainless steel.

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Here's a little information from Alessi:

Blow Up – Bamboo collection Fratelli Campana

To celebrate over 5 years of collaboration, Alessi and the Campana brothers now present the Blow up - Bamboo collection. These iconic pieces, available only in stainless steel until today, are now presented in a new version made of hand-finished natural material. This shift from cold to warm material reveals not only a new design concept that emphasises manual skills, but also winks at the Campanas’ and Alessi’s modus operandi.

Posted on Friday March 5th 2010 at 4:29 pm by Antonia Anastasiadi. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • Love the Campana Brothers. Love.

  • Much much nicer than the steel one.

  • This is more what I come to expect from the Campana brothers, a handmade approach showing their love of tinkering.

  • designgurunyc

    Here’s a tip. Buy at least some of these items. Store away somewhere with no humidity or excess dryness . Wait 30 years, and hey presto they’ll be worth a fortune because’ a, they are very beautiful, and b, they will be the only ones left surviving. Bamboo will buckle split and break in modern homes,but hey, they look way nicer than the steel ones !!