Flat Surgery by Mathieu Lehanneur


More from French designer Mathieu Lehanneur: this time a series of rugs depicting squashed vital organs.

Called Flat Surgery, the collection was commissioned by the Carpenters Workshop Gallery in London.

More about Mathieu Lehanneur on Dezeen:

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Here's a tiny bit of text from Mathieu Lehanneur:

'Flat Surgery' at Carpenters Workshop Gallery

The human body in radical mode - 'Flat surgery' plays with our vital organs to compose motifs and messages. These are rugs to map out habitat: digestive system in the dining room, brain in the office, genitalia in the bedroom...

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  • Inspiration comes from everywhere!

  • My doctor boyfriend said he doesn’t want to look at this!

  • gaque

    i think this is quite beautiful

  • ads

    Designers designs are the state of the mind. I think Mathieu Lehanneur needs to see a shrink

  • Laura Maranzana Skeeters


  • inspiration aksel-creation exhibited in Colette Paris?

  • Tom from hcmc

    Designed for the Hannibal Lecter in you!

  • J*

    Done in a funnier way a few years ago here: http://www.roadkilltoys.com/
    haha. I prefer the roadkills bunnies….