Ladder by Itay Laniado


Israeli designer Itay Laniado has designed a collapsible ladder held together by a strap under tension.

The strap is tightened with a ratchet and forms two rungs of the ladder once assembled.

A loop in the strap acts as a handle once collapsed.

"The ladder is a tension system that relays on the ratchet to hold it, no screws or glue involved," says Laniado. "The ladder is also collapsible: it can be disassembled and assembled in a more compact way."

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  • Brilliant idea, but still needs some improvement. I’m skeptical about stepping on the tension part of ladder.

  • Complicated, isn´t it?

  • I love how some work so hard at such beautiful & simple designs.

  • AJ

    Very good design.. I like this!

  • mauro

    cool idea, but is there a why it has to be compact?
    and it’s so much work, just to “open up” this thing

  • marl karx

    sorry but this is just absolutely flawed from the beginning. if the straps are tightened incredibly tight there will still be movement. A ladder is meant to be stable. first and foremost. this is just not working.

  • Wim

    This is a brilliant concept! Using the force in a positive manner. :) Also the pictures are good because they actually illustrate the use of the structure.

  • morgan geist


    With the 8mtr solid concrete wall dividing Israel & Palestine, the designed ladder becomes a very strong political statement. I wonder if it was intended.


  • cool idea, but just seems to much work…

  • Martin

    I think it’s a good idea and it looks very clean. I use my ladder to get to my attic once a week and I could really see the need of a compact ladder but would it be able to make it even more compact?

  • Anton

    The idea of a collapsible is interesting (I guess the next step to all the heavy folding ladders out there), but stepping on the tensioned section seems like a no-no.

    I would imagine it would be quite difficult trying to change a light bulb or fix a gutter standing on something only slightly more stable than a rope ladder!

  • biboarchitect

    i think assembling it will take too much time than just opening my ladder (metal ladders can be fit in place in a second!!) and I don’t get much back from it..! and every time i want to use it i have to spend 5 minutes to assemble it!! i believe it’s useless

  • Andy

    @Martin – Rope Ladder?

  • mohamad_makouk

    in israel they use the same lime stone cladding as we do here in lebanon…i wd have thought this is in sme village in lebanon!!!
    bhamdoun…bekfaya…i wonder…!!!!

  • Looks simple enough to setup, This is good design, It seems the force on stepping on the straps would make this more stable. welldone!

  • This doesn’t solve the main issue about making ladders portable, which is the length.

  • GP

    A must have essential for every burglar!

  • ito

    im loving the beard.

  • absolutly brilliant. i have a small flat in london where i am stuck with a massive ladder and have no where to put it. that will be a great solution. however, it will be great if the next concept where the lader can hold it self and not can be used only against the wall…
    here you go Itay, another idea for you…

  • Paul

    Surely the most problematic part of a ladder is the length, not the width?

    Making it thinner doesn’t make it much easier to store, or move around, when it still has to actually be as long as you need to climb vertically. I’m afraid he’s tackled it from the wrong angle…

  • @ morgan geist

    I think you just won an award of the most irrelevant comment ever made

  • Martin

    I forgot to mention, it has to be stable. I cant lift boxes while climbing on a rope ladder