Fiat Lux by Label Architecture


Brussels studio Label Architecture have transformed the interior of a family house in Brussels, Belgium, by covering some walls in rough, black-stained oriented strand board and painting others white.

Called Fiat Lux, the project involved replacing the existing staircase with a white metal one.

Mirrors and circular apertures in the walls allow glimpses into other areas of the home.

Photographs are by Bepictures.

The following information is from Label architecture:

It consists in the transformation of a 270 m² family house. A punctual intervention, centred on the heart of a traditional house in Brussels, gave to this dwelling an outstanding character.

Transparency, reflections and connections between the different levels determine the daily routine of the large family living in. From the first floor, the stairwell was entirely emptied on the three higher-ups levels.

A staircase in openworked metal links together the two first floors. At each level, glazed windows were handled with care, on all the height of the dividing wall, bringing a real physical feeling, not so far from vertigo.

Some of them are pierced by little round openings, allowing inhabitant to communicate from a level to another one.

Behind the windowpanes, the platforms, transitions spaces, were covered by OSB stain in black, creating a mirror effect to those who look at them from the opposite openings.

In front of this openings, mirrors were installed on the blind attached wall. The family benefits the unexpected connections of this surprising arrangement, worthy of Lewis Caroll.

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  • MKK


    Looks like a artpiece/painting…..

  • darwin

    are the corkskrew stairs by lovegrove?
    they remember me of it but dont exactly look like it

  • Pires

    Poor kids!

  • henrique

    Very nice

  • It seems to work out well. I like it.

  • yo

    La mort quoi


    color will be added by kids.
    color will be added by people.
    color will be added by life.
    color will be added because this is one dezeen’s nicest HOMES, AS IN PLACES WHERE PEOPLE LIVE.

  • The black and white makes me want to hang myself from those stairs. How can anyone live in such a lifeless environment. I think many of these designers are forgetting that they are designing HOMES, AS IN PLACES WHERE PEOPLE LIVE.

    How could you not develop deep depression in a place that lacks any color?

    • jeremyG

      It seems to be a private project, so I guess the client gave his approval to the work these architects did; so maybe you could blame the client. When empty, black/white seems clod, but imagine it with books, paintings, and overall, people.

  • idealist

    heck, if you’re tired of the stark b+w side, you can cross over to the warmer, traditional side… i’m a fan of contrast by surgical precision, and i think it works well here. my only comment would be the massive off-gassing from all that OSB. great textural quality, but quite a bit of glue…

  • slater

    I think the initial few images don’t do the space justice, the further down the page i read, the more I liked this project, nice job, I’d love to see it in person.

  • Mikey… I’m with you.

  • concept interessant. Matériau un peu trop à bas prix en juxtaposé du verre clair et autre élément onéreux. Details intéressants et sobres. Il faudrait être sur place pour juger du mix de la matérialité.

    Dans l'ensemble c'est assez intéressant. Nous devons tenir compte du contexte avant de juger d'un projet.

    • jeremyG

      je trouve ça au contraire intéressant de mélanger des matériaux cheap et d'autres plus onéreux; de plus, l' OSB teinté offre une nouvelle variante grace à la finition assez élégante…

  • Nourddin

    I think i can live in there..;)

  • Michael

    Calm down Mikey. Nobody asked you to live there. I think it's interesting. Clearly it suits some people.