Rings by Adi Zaffran Weisler


Young Israeli designer Adi Zaffran Weisler has made a collection of jewellery from spent bullets.

Weisler collected the bullets from a firing range and fashioned them into rings.

"The rings that were created remove the bullet from its original function and they surprisingly turn into a bejeweled object and emphasize the beauty and aesthetics of the bullet when it is distanced from its surroundings," says the designer. "

"Every bullet retains memories and traces of the journey it underwent from the moment it was fired until it was picked up."

Weisler is a student at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem.

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  • that’s intense

  • Riyad Joucka

    Glorification of the killing instruments Israeli soldiers use to exterminate Palestinians…

    Here honey, this one killed an arab child,
    will you marry me?


  • JJ

    Reading that the designer is Israeli, I was really hoping that these bullets had been fired under more meaningful circumstances. The preserved memory of each bullet would have been far more significant if the bullet had been aimed at another human at the time; after all, that’s what bullets are for.

    Better yet, use bullets extracted from patients in hospital emergency rooms. May be tough to acquire. Luckily, in Israel’s frequent bouts of multiple wargasms, Palestinians are squirted with a massive amount of bullets.

    Thousands of Palestinians died in the recent conflict, versus 13 Israelis. The designer may have to cross into the ranks of the enemy and infiltrate a facility intended to save their lives (hospitals), in order to collect the bullets.

  • the concept is absolutely genius. find beauty were we last expected.

  • Very odd, however there is are two bullets that collided in 1854, french and russian, and were later found, and this extremely odd coincidence was beautiful…

  • INawe

    These are great until you try walking through a metal detector. ;)
    Quite beautiful though.

  • This is fascinating. Hats off Adi. I particularly like the wide band example.

  • Lloyd

    Great looking, but not sure how i would feel about the lead parts directly against your skin.

  • kudzi

    awesome design…they should sel well in palestine

  • Ken

    Are the political comments REALLY necessary? Would those comments exist if the artist wasn’t Israeli? The jewelry collection – IMHO – is intriguing. It’s reusing pieces that would normally never been thought of as jewelry. Bullets aren’t only used to kill or to protect oneself. Some may consider firearms a sport (target practice on paper targets or hunting for food). Bullets are often used for target practice and hunting. In this case, spent bullets become jewelry. All dependent on each individuals liking.

  • Cristina Be

    Artists are only those capable of perceiving beauty where others fail. Beautiful!

  • lior

    To Riyad Joucka

    could you please clarefy to all of us where did the designer glorified killing of palestinian children?

  • tanya telford – T

    from info above i get very mixed messages about this project, as is definitely not jewellery i would wear.

    brave in terms of use of material?

    Maybe they are trying to examine the idea of using spent material?
    or maybe the possibility of the idea of paying tribute to people that have died, “in memory of” ? ……….. just not sure.

    I guess it could be said that its brave for a student to attempt to tackle this subject and matter, but for me not a great resolve,

  • tanya telford – T

    just had a thought ….. what if some students got unused bullets from both sides, carefully fired them off in a shooting range (or got the instructor to do it, not harming anyone) and then made some peace jewellery?

  • angela c

    These bullets were from a firing range so I really don’t get Riyads point. Any excuse to bash Israel I think….

    If you think all Israelis are happy that they are in such a bad situation with the Palestinians then you are seriously wrong.

    Its time that Palestines supporters stop fueling the fire of hatred towards israel and help the Palestinian cause rather than hinder it.

    We all need a peaceful resolution to this mess, and end to the hatred & violence on BOTH sides.

    Please leave this poor designer out of the political situation, it is not their fault & has NOTHING to do with designs posted on this website.
    Leave the designers integrity out of this…

  • Ooh…. damn that’s one brave Israeli to send these to Dezeen!

    I think the comments above about war in the Middle East are silly – but posting inflamatory stuff like this? Rain down all haters!

  • I have a hard time with some of the assumptions, finger pointing, etc. made in a couple of the earlier comments. In fear of digressing the comments even further I will let them be other than this. It is easy to see that most of the bullets used are low caliber bullets, cheap and weak used primarily for target practice (not saying they couldn’t kill somebody). To assume that these were used in war would to be to assume that Israel is facing it’s opponents much like David did Goliath.

    Leaving that be I am with Lloyd. Looks awesome, but what about having lead against your skin to be absorbed freely. I wonder if the bullets were used to cast a negative and then pour with another metal then patinated later. This would also keep the bullet from becoming miss formed over time due to leads softness. Either way looks cool.

  • qndreqs

    political art is always effective to generate discussion

  • In theory, I love the idea of “making every bullet count”– but then as JJ mentioned upthread– it would have to be more meaningful. Aside from that (and the effects of lead?!) these objects possess a brute beauty.

  • Rikard

    an interesting ploitical statement

  • xtiaan

    those copper bands are gonna turn your finger green real quick

  • Riyad Joucka

    @ JJ

    Its good to see some politically aware dezeen readers out there…
    not just a bunch of aesthetically charmed ignorant media brainwashed followers.

    This sucks… compare it to a nazi german collecting bullets from a Jewish camp then you’ll realize how ‘beautiful’ it is.

  • Kim

    Very disturbing. Bullets were designed for one purpose only, is the the memory we want to capture?

  • laila


  • Sarah

    Kudos, Adi.

    I would like to point out that JJ’s comments are unnecessary and obviously anti-semetic.

  • yasmin r

    it is pretty clear tha jj and Riyad dont like the design purely for the reason the designer is an israeli. as sad and un-proffesional that it is, i think it is undestendable as israel or the jew always faced hate and that was much before the palestinian issue so no surprise about that.
    what is realy disturbing me is that dezeen suppose to be impartial and protect the integraty of the designer but fail to do so bc the simple fact that the designer is an israeli and might even never participated in that war.
    it is sad that dezeen choose not to publish constructive commets but choose to publish irrelevant hate.

    not to worry dezeen. i dont expect you to publish that!

  • angry catalan

    Very striking (although probably hard to wear.) And if it has to do with politics, it’s probably a protest (you know, Israeli people don’t like war. This war shouldn’t be happening. It isn’t a good guys vs. bad guys issue.)

  • mg

    Unexpected use and really like it. Great work.


    Its bizaar how people have started using art as medium of political debate. I understand in literal termonology that the use of bullets and especially in this case used bullets is ofcourse distrubing to some poeple but please understand the deeper meaning to it. I find it polemic that a object so distructive is glorified and made into a jeweller is a clever idea and relating it to artist’s historical, cultural or even political background is just an act of small minded people. anyways good job, really really liked your idea, I can easyly see this as a piece exhibited in a war museum. BROVOOO

  • There is no beauty in these. Imagine a hole in your body in the shape of that hollow point bullet in the first picture. Yes, it rips through flesh and organs. Its not a flower.

  • If the molten metal was cast as a peace offering, a memorial to the victims of both sides, I would find it acceptable. If it was located where both the people could pay homage, it would be OK. But as an ornament, no, not quite OK

  • Jilani Mohammad

    Way to go Adi ..
    Palestinian kid’s skulls will be showcased next?

    That is sick, and a shame on Art as a collective “HUMAN” product
    to celebrate this kind of ideology.

  • JJ


    I’m Jewish. For some, that means being Zionist by default. For others, the injustice associated with Israel’s existence takes precedent when forming a political opinion on the subject.

    Yasmin, you chide Dezeen for posting comments that don’t show allegiance with Zionist principles? Why can’t people speak out against Israel? At some point, muzzling Israel’s love for the bullet ceases to be taboo. Yes yes, the Nazi’s were terrible. My own relatives were in labor camps thanks to the mindless persecution of Jews.

    But, if the world mindlessly protects Jews now, then what we will see is more of what’s now become the norm. Israel as the aggressor, the crusader, the war monger, the Goliath. That is why I support David. Do not ignore our teachings Yasmin. History is to learn to avoid violence, not to justify it.

  • Sean

    “Sarah Says:

    April 4th, 2010 at 11:22 am
    Kudos, Adi.

    I would like to point out that JJ’s comments are unnecessary and obviously anti-Semitic.”

    Anti- Semitic? Oh PLEEEEEEEEEESSEEE!

    Why is any criticism of Israel considered anti-Semitic, yet any criticism against Iran isn’t considered anti-Islamic, or for that matter, criticism against the US not considered anti-Christian?

    Please, this “anti-Semitic” flag is getting old.

    He gave you numbers which are facts, and when you can;t fight his facts with facts, you use the anti Semitic flag.

    This artist being Israeli is relevant to the current issue of Palestine. Nothing wrong with his freedom to express, but expect his art to get criticized by anyone who shares this world with Adi.

    If the artist say came from Norway where there isn’t any known conflict, I don’t think anyone would object of it for being in bad taste.

    Remember the art piece that was rejected of falling people to commemorate the victims of sep11th who jumped off the buildings? It’s one of those things.

    Fact: Palestinians are also a Semitic people. Learn some history and pleeeease spare us the pain, life is already hard enough.

  • maya

    as an Israeli designer i feel that this creation in a way is irresponsible. it’s ok to talk about the esthetic of a bullet and so on..but as a designer from a specific country and background you shouldn’t ignore the wider context of your work. We as Israelis doesn’t have the privilege to take subjects like that and talk only about the esthetic part of it since people, as we see here in the responses, react to the whole picture. i see it as a naive action don by a young designer and i only hope that more designers in Israel including myself will start to act in this fields creating a relevant and creative discussion

  • Dezeen,

    could I politely ask that Riyad Joucka’s comments about Nazi’s be removed?

    The Nazi Holocaust is too powerful a subject to sweep the floor of a blog with like that.

    It’s historically insenstive and deeply offensive (not to Israelis, but to the people that died in the Holocaust), and I only wish that she had more intelligence than to make such crude comparisons. The Middle East is a complicated place – her analysis is not.

  • jovel

    STOP THE DEBATE!.. lets just smoke grass and enjoy the art!

  • Had I designed these being from the U.S. it would mean that the bullets I got from a firing range would obviously in actuality be from Iraq. And then of course I would be demonstrating my hatred for people of the muslim faith and using my designs and art to spread hatred and so forth. . . . yeah, right.

    Lets not jump to conclusions to spout out our own political feelings. Let’s focus on the design and what is given to us.

  • El Grecus

    Dear Dezeen,

    Don’t censor anything on this page. The artist may have intended to stir debate and that’s exactly what’s happening.

    I find asdfghjkl’s “polite” request to censor more offensive than any of the comments on this page. Censorship is the tyrant’s recourse. Murder is always murder whether it be a Holocaust victim, a Palestinian or anyone else. When your cause is more holy than the next person’s, violence is guaranteed.

    Yes, Jews have been persecuted. So have Armenians, and Romani and west African’s and South Africans and Greeks and Turks and on and on for ages and ages… Asdfghjkl’s sanctimony is frightening.

  • Sarah

    Perhaps next he will design jewelery from bones of dead Palestinians!
    The hell with these designs..it’s simply ridiculous!
    It’s as if he’s saying “Shoot more, I collect empty bullets!”

  • ori

    i am an israeli designer also. i am comletly against killing of any kind, and israels policy as regards to the palestinians has been both stupid ans horrifying.

    nevertheless most of these comments are obviously written through rage, and not from personal knowledge. it seems to me like the world is very interested in what is going on in israel/palestine. but most of the people interested have very close to no idea what is going on.

    go to any country (i mean it any country) and you will find shootinf ranges, in those shooting ranges you will find bullets similar to these.

    may peace prevail on earth.