House in Midorigaoka by Yusuke Fujita


Japanese architect Yusuke Fujitat has sent us some photos of an apartment renovation project in Midorigaoka, Japan.

Called House in Midorigaoka, the interior space features curved walls clad in wood, which connect the open plan living space and bedroom.

The following information is from the architect:

House in Midorigaoka

It is a renovation of one room of the apartment house in Japan. There is construction while making the space for an existing building frame.

The house in a big one room in the space, there is a space like the extension of the terrace that is called a room terrace.

Moreover, the element to draw close to life such as the furniture of the bath, storage, equipment, and the make putting with windows like the hut is sprinkled.

"Space" that is the born between the detached house and the site becomes a garden, and it is developed that the relation between the house and the site ties in a concrete landscape.

Posted on Saturday April 3rd 2010 at 7:00 am by Catherine Warmann. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • vinch

    I must sat that as project and idea is really well done.
    I’m not sure about the furnishing, I could get tired after 2 years.
    But this idea of open space is really interesting.

  • Wabisabi

    Supremely elegant. They have really synthesized the goals of modern architecture, with the elegance of traditional Japanese architecture. Also, dealing with the small space we have in the typical Japanese house, dealing with storage, this is an achievement!

    I think this would be a nice home to live in.

  • I love the flexibility that the sliding walls and panels provide.

  • the house’s good for use, natural light and colour material nice.

  • Suvin

    Squinting to find the entrance of the apartment on plan? It looks as though the only entrance is through the ‘terrace room’, which doesn’t make sense–you enter & arrive at the bedroom?

  • angry catalan

    Suvin: you actually enter the corridor, not the bedroom, but it’s still weird because it’s all very transparent…

  • toleranc

    Clumsy solution to place separate WC.

  • Suvin

    @angry catalan: Yes, agreed.
    @toleranc: This being an apartment renovation, its possible that in the original layout the WC was separate from bathroom.