Apartments by Tissellistudioarchitetti


Italian office Tissellistudioarchitetti have completed an apartment block in Cesena, Italy, built in long layers linked by ramps.

The structure has parking on the ground floor, more parking and outdoor areas on the first floor and 28 residences with deep balconies above that.

The text below is from Tissellistudioarchitetti:


tissellistudioarchitetti presents his last work: a building for 28 residential units, the first phase of a intervention which expects the realization of two buildings.

The aim of the project was to revitalize a dismissed industrial area with a residential building.

The challenge was to work within the parameters of good design and a low budget to provide the city with quality architecture while respecting the commercial space requirements of the client.

The resulting project provides a substantial architectural impact with respect to the smaller buildings of the area that are characterized by a broad range of building styles.

The decision to use a traditional structure allowed the architects to focus their design energy on the details and the finances on finishing material, which afforded the pursuit of innovative design.

The complex characteristics of the site required a comprehensive and functional solution, taking into account the slope of the lot. The resulting building is composed of superimposed layers, developed longitudinally.

Each ‘layer’ has a specific designated use: the first level is reserved for parking, the second level contains more parking in addition to outside living space, and the remaining levels are dedicated to the 28 residential units.

A system of ramps and pedestrian walkways unifies the structure and provides pedestrian and vehicular access to all levels.

The elevation integrates with the surrounding area while maintaining a strong architectural identity.

Wide balconies run the entire length of the building to emphasize the horizontal progression of the structure while providing access to the rear residential units.

As a play on depth, two bands enclose the structure in a unique graphic gesture, providing order to an otherwise fragmentary façade and serving as the identifying symbol of the building.

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  • bebo

    am so in love with the model…

  • this is probably just my nostalgia speaking, but the plan looks a lot like the stateroom balconies on the cruises i go on every year for vacation

    have to say that this is an immediate favorite just because of that comparison :D

  • R

    With these kind of photos – only close ups of certain parts – it’s impossible to ever judge the building on its possible merits. None of the photos shows the way the building fits into its surrounding, how you experience it without a camera or what the overall design is. The building is being reduced to a collection of more of less abstract fragments. The fact that they did chose to include the model in the surroundings – where it is much more easy, due to the mono material finish of the model, to make the building fit into its surroundings – makes you wonder what kind of clash it probably really is in the real setting.

  • i quite like the project but can't help thinking they have a different idea to me of what 'low budget' is

  • SouL


  • the pictures are very nice but i agree with “R”, it is a bit odd that there is no relation to the context. is the architect trying to hide something?

  • Please God! Someone show these pictures to the Architects who keep building these all glass monstrosities here in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Enough of the all glass tower

  • roel

    whereever and however it is located, this building is art

  • Joseph

    It looks great although there is no visual eveidence of the factors with in its context that challenged looks great none the less for low cost..hmm

  • Tom

    according to R… i was there in Italy last week and i’d seen this building.. imho it doesn’t “work” with the context… the surrounding is made by small 2/3 storey houses and lay down on a hill: the building is over the top. So driving through the street you see the small houses facing the way and behind them this huge building.
    I’m sure finishing materials are good and the architectural details is completely studied..but at urban scale, i’m hesitant…

  • arkkivahti

    very beautiful for a Nordic eye

  • amaya

    this architect is very talented i am happy she got this project. we sure can use this kind of beauty here……. go ingrid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gabs

    Nice. Too bad reality comes with dust, dirt, rain, cloudy skies, people, furniture…

  • Ylse

    I would LOVE to live in this apartment!