Liiva House by Muru & Pere


Estonian architects Urmas Muru and Peeter Pere have designed a house for a fishing village near Tallinn, covered in shingles on all surfaces except for one white concrete wall.

Called Liiva House, the building has a faceted roof creating an angular form with irregularly-spaced windows.

There is a full-height glass wall located at the rear of the house that creates a conservatory space.

A room with only three external walls sits at the rear of the house and is open to the garden.

The project is due for construction later this year.

The following information is from the architect:

Villa is situated in an old fishermen village near Tallinn in Viimsi peninsula.

The shape has been derived from sea side stack of boulders.

More firm and traditional facade is exposed to the street.

The courtyard is more expressive,wild, opened, communicating.

The master key of the plan solution is the butterfly tie shaped main axes of the winter garden.

It is surrounded by the rooms which compose traditional Estonian home- living room, kitchen, bedrooms, guest room, study, sauna.

The external walls and roof use tarres larch shingles.

Southern wall is of white concrete.

The wooden surfaces in the yard maily consists of untreated laurch.

Project Information

Designed: October 2008
Construction: November 2010
Site area: 1694m²
Net area: 300m²

Materials: white concrete, larch shingle, pine boarding
Architects team: Urmas Muru, Peeter Pere, Janek Maat, Doris orasi
Location: Tallinn, Estonia

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  • g.b.

    what is this ? good?

  • J0p2

    maybe it should be build first…..

  • Zut

    Why showing this?
    Should wet and sea for the construction!

  • Tautvydas-lithuanian

    What programs did you use for renderings? Exel? Word? Otherwise- respect for overtaking my natives in the global arena as usual.

  • gab xiao

    could be an interesting house to live in – I like the shingle-exposed concrete contrast. Too much folding for a small scale project

  • faghboy

    can u start to pay attention to real architecture please?…where is the social interest of the architect this days, the solutions of real predicaments in the social matters? please, with the problems the cities are summerged into, can please take a serious interest on the pragmatic solutions for poverty and urban deficcients….sorry if my writtting isnt that good…this is not my mother lenguage…saludos desde venezuela (chavez sucks by the way)

  • tervhivatal

    The program is Archicad I guess.

  • gyugjhg

    crappy renders, i can taste the eggcarton

  • heath

    sweet texture mapping.

  • supreme

    oh boy…clean up on aisle 5

  • david

    no it looks more like raw sketchup! shocker!

  • ch1le

    Guys, get beyond the rendering skill. Keep in mind these guys havent had computers around them for their entire lifetime.

  • Salum

    Raw sketchup.