Mezzanine by Constance Guisset


Milan 2010: Paris designer Constance Guisset presented a combined bird cage and fish tank at Spazio Rosana Orlandi in Milan last week.

Guisset has also created a version called Duplex with a tank above the cage.

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The following information (in French) is from Guisset:

Mezzanine associe un aquarium pour poissons et une cage à oiseaux pour permettre un échange permanent entre des animaux appartenant à deux mondes différents Le spectateur est surpris par la fascination permanente de l’oiseau pour le poisson qui se meut sous ses yeux, comme s’il était devant une télévision.

DUPLEX est une cage surmontée d'un aquarium destinée à favoriser une rencontre visuelle entre un poisson et un oiseau. L'aquarium est thermo-formé de façon à créer une espace au sein duquel l'oiseau peut se déplacer et voler à la même hauteur visuelle que le poisson. Un croisement occasionnel qui charrie un univers poétique autour de la fusion impossible entre le monde aérien et le monde aquatique.

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  • modular

    Outstanding! I want this! Now!

  • Love it. taking two creatures which are usually at the top of the sky and at the depths of the sea and creating a shared ground.

  • I like the structure. If she added a light, she has it all!

  • Alzhymer gup

    Looks nice, poetic, but please designers! Stop designing round fishtanks. The round water filled glass works like a magnifying glass. That will make outside movements very flashy. Fish who have a very short term memory wil scare easily and will never get used to it.
    Fish simply live better on a square tank (aquarium)

  • btplmr


  • Tweetie, meet Bubbles, Bubbles meet Tweetie.
    There could be wonderful play with different animals: hamster/viper | rat/cat.
    What a great Idea, I’d buy one right away.

  • michael

    it alwqys makes me sad to see such beautiful creatures caged. No matter how elegant the aesthethic may seem to the outside viewer -to its inhabitants its still a cage.

  • junihaoni

    its an apartment for animals! stack em up!

  • applejack

    Can’t stand seeing fIsh and birds together in a cage, i think its hideous.

  • Prof Z.

    What is french touch, now ? : Is it a dialogue between a fish and a bird? Is it a metaphore ? Did she read Darwin ?

  • O.

    I’d like to see designers in cage now

  • The design is perfect! I’d love one myself.

  • blip

    no bird should ever be kept in a cage.. sad