Rainbow Church by Tokujin Yoshioka


A window made of glass prisms by Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka is on show at MUSEUM. beyond museum in Seoul.

Called Rainbow Church, the installation consists of a 9-metre window made of 500 crystal prisms, which create rainbows within the space as the light is refracted. More details in our earlier story here.

The installation forms part of an exhibition called Tokujin Yoshioka - Spectrum, on show at the museum until the end of June.

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Here's some more information from the designer:

Rainbow Church 2006-2010

The idea of this architecture project “Rainbow Church” dates back to when I wan in early 20s.

I visited the Chepelle du Rosaire, which Henri Matisse, a French painter, created in his last years, located in Vence, a commune located near Nice, France.

I was engrossed in the beauty of the light that the chapel created.

I experienced a space filled with the light of Matisse: Being bathed in the sunlight of the Provence, the stained glass with Matisse’s vibrant colors suffused the room with full of colors.

Since then, I had been dreaming of designing an architecture where people can feel the light with all senses.

A part of this dreaming architecture project will be realized as a concept plan at the exhibition held at MUSEUM. beyondmuseum in Seoul from May, 2010.

The exhibition is planned to last until the end of June.

Approximately 9-meter-high stained glass made with 500 crystal prisms will be filling the space with rainbow colors as the light shines on it.

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  • di

    wow. WOW

  • Poster

    Stunning subtle and yet freshly surprising

  • A future for the typical medieval. Awesome! beautiful!

  • Darren

    Hey! Tony Stark used ur idea for his movie to make a new element!

  • Pda
  • cd

    i liked james carpenter’s version better :) – see : http://bit.ly/aF1Uzi

  • mark


  • tyler


  • harry

    Absolutely amazing! Wonderful! Who needs a view with a window like this? Will this be shown in Europe anytime soon?

  • Obscurity

    I’m interested to know how visitors to Yoshioka’s Seoul show react to this artwork for church window. Their reaction should be different from Japan considering the larger rate of Christians in the Koream population. Personally I admire it as an art, but just wonder if such a distinctive definiton or presentation of “light” fits for a church.

  • Wow~~I visited there. It was great beautiful works!
    Simple but strong impressed! His work inspried me.
    For everyone, I upload to Youtube.

  • Ben

    It’s interesting to see how great art can consist of universal spirituality – no matter what cultural or religious context it is created in.

    See surprisingly similar piece of art in a Christian church in Finland:
    http://www.markkupaakkonen.fi/inenglish/4dpakilae.htm by Finnish artist Markku Pääkkönen and architect Juha Leiviskä

  • That’s very interesting. …His work always surprise me!