Miraventos House by Eduardo Trigo de Sousa
and ComA Architects


Photographer Nelson Garrido has sent us his photographs of this house in Palmela, Portugal, designed by Eduardo Trigo de Sousa and ComA Architects.

A large central patio connects the different areas of the project, called Miraventos House, with walkways sheltered by a pergola.

The house is built on a sloping piece of land and enclosed on one side by a curved wall.

The residence is all on one level, with a large window at one end overlooking the approach.

Photographs are by Nelson Garrido.

Here's some more information from the architects:

Miraventos House, Palmela, Portugal

Located in Palmela, Portugal this house is the latest project of Architect Eduardo Trigo de Sousa (1939-2008) designed with ComA, Architecture and Design.

Marked by the nature, both topography and cork trees lead the design of a single stage home, with no slope between the main spaces.

The house flows naturally soaked in the terrain and assumes, in the end, in the great living room window, it´s domination above the visitors.

All circulation and social spaces leads to a private family patio, with a human scale design, protected by a pergola and neighbors walls.

The basement serves for car parking and social WC.

This house is clearly Eduardo Trigo de Sousa architecture language, in each geometrical and precise form and in the way it flows and deal with the surrounding nature, showing all his architectural maturity and genius.

Architecture: Eduardo Trigo de Sousa and ComA (Paulo Street and Hugo Guerreiro)

Engineering: Jorge Trigo de Sousa, Luís Ortigão, Ruben Sobral, Pretago, Lda.

Construction: Salvador & Cordeiro, Lda.

Date: 2004-2010

Photos: Nelson Garrido

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  • Joe

    What is with the horrible stains to the decking and the render….?

  • hayden

    Something called life/reality Joe.

  • steven

    This is fantastic! The more I looked in the more I liked it. I’m not sure about those stains on the render (the “marks of nature”?) but I get the feeling it would look quite interesting first hand. The way the grass grows against the walls is really nice… I did always like vines though