Sputnik by Pepe Heykoop


Sputnik by Pepe Heykoop

DMY Berlin 2010: Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop presented bubbles of tape wrapped around metal frames at DMY Berlin last week.

Sputnik by Pepe Heykoop

Called Sputnik, the collection is hand-made and each piece is unique.

Sputnik by Pepe Heykoop

Heykoop also presented chairs wrapped in fabric skins (see our earlier story) and was nominated as part of the Jury Selection.

Sputnik by Pepe Heykoop

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Sputnik by Pepe Heykoop

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Sputnik by Pepe Heykoop

Here's a tiny bit of text from Heykoop:

Sputnik is a papermacheed bubble trapped in a metal frame. The freehand production process determines the shape. The outcome is that they are all a bit different and so become family.

Sputnik by Pepe Heykoop

Sputnik carries an energy-saving bulb. Once lit up it reminds you of looking at full moon.

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  • rudie

    the feel of this image is just like the work of Nacho Carbonell who (in contrary) did a full collection with an own handwriting that communicates true his work.

    It’s a shame designers now a days are 3d graphic designers.
    why not try to discover form true materials and technique’s and pushing the boundaries of both.

    because you can doesnt mean you should do it.

  • julie

    Yes, I agree.
    It reminds me a lot of Nacho Carbonell’s work.

    I think form exploration must and should be the result of one’s own experiments, and not a derivative of someone else.

  • sansavaria

    Indeed, NACHO is the first thing that jumped to mind when I saw this image. Except that his work doés have a meaning and is much more interesting than this.

    ‘outcome is that they are all a bit different and so become family’

    This is so lame, of course when you make things by hand they are all a bit different, but what is the goal, the meaning of this project?