House in the Pyrenees by
Cadaval & Solà-Morales


House by Eduardo Cadaval

Architects Cadaval & Solà-Morales added this steeply-pitched roof to an old dry stone construction in the Spanish Pyrenees to form two homes.

House by Eduardo Cadaval

Nestled into the mountainside on a former farm the building has windows along one side overlooking the valley and a tall window in the gabled end affording views up the mountain.

The building houses a father and son in two connected residences.

House by Eduardo Cadaval

More about Cadaval & Solà-Morales on Dezeen: Susana Solano exhibition design (July 2008)

House by Eduardo Cadaval

Here's some more information from the architects:

A vernacular dry stone house in the Pyrenees and the aim to transform it into a comfortable and utilitarian second residence are at the origin of this project. Fathers and sons want separated homes but shared experiences.

House by Eduardo Cadaval

The project elaborates on the physical connections between these two homes coexisting in a single rehabilitated envelope.

House by Eduardo Cadaval

The programmatic scheme and the interrelations of spaces of both houses are tided up to these vertical connections.

House by Eduardo Cadaval

What qualifies those spaces, however, is unique in each unit. The roof on the top unit is build up to be a sculptural yet neutral continuous element that resolves space, lighting, and views.

House by Eduardo Cadaval

A human scale continuous linear window faces amazing views over the valley, while an identical window located on the top of the roof, enables to view the summit of the mountain.

House by Eduardo Cadaval

In the lower unit, a wide and off-scale opening will focus light, views, and therefore activity on an interior-exterior space.

House by Eduardo Cadaval

The project is sympathetic of vernacular architecture by respecting not only the envelope, but also its construction and operational logics and its esthetics.

House by Eduardo Cadaval

By preserving the envelope and doing a minimal yet contrasted intervention, the idea is to reinforce the historical values of vernacular architecture.

House by Eduardo Cadaval

Moreover, the project is design to be sustainable. New technologies and old vernacular knowledge are implemented to make the Pyrenees houses two sustainable houses in an extreme climate.

House by Eduardo Cadaval

House by Eduardo Cadaval

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House by Eduardo Cadaval

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House by Eduardo Cadaval

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House by Eduardo Cadaval

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  • very nice concept.


  • Laar

    pretty and surreal!

  • estupendo!

  • jed_

    wait, there’s a human in these photographs! it’s crazy!

  • comment

    good architecture finally !!
    A nice one to start the week , thanks !

  • zafar

    WOW !!!

  • absolute fantastic house … love the yellow and the lovely floor …

  • cacas

    this is a poetry! perfect! congrats!

  • modulor

    AMAZING… better than anything I can even get close to designing…

  • modular


  • Compliment!

  • beautyful, great architecture, great landscapes, I whant something like that too!!!!!

  • ste

    love the different window types… so subtile yet important differences in room qualities inside. a good balancing act between open space and privacy… all the small details and the ideas work very well together to make it comfortable. and from the outside it makes a good bridge between modern approaches and the traditional surroundings… quite impressed by the subtile precision and the feel for this place.

  • hana

    beautifully done!
    Felicidades Eduardo!

  • famul

    Ikea chair again!
    It would be nice to see the interior without any furniture, instead of droping some clumsy chairs and rugs. Either empty, or personalized by the real user.

  • Zee

    I can’t believe my comment is going to be the first bad one but I really don’t like it. It gives me an uncomfrotable feeling just looking at the pictures.

    It’s not funcitonal, the spaces are extremely awkward and clostrophobic. The dining area is like a table at a cheap ‘terrace restaurant’ (with no view). what’s the point of keeping at a higher level then the living area?

    Im not falling for the use of colour…

  • edward

    I presume the steep roof angle has to do with heavy snow loads but it really chops up the interior space. Floors a little too dark for me. But overall, an exciting design.

  • giulia

    Very respectful and discrete from the outside while “wow-effect” from the inside..congrats!

  • slater

    Architecture of it’s time and place. Well done.

  • BH

    I’m going to be unfashionable and agree with Zee. It seems to work well from a formal perspective externally, but the interior arrangement and bland palette seems out of place and unsuitable for the context. Maybe something with more texture and atmosphere might have felt more appropriate. Great site though, amazing views if not captured particularly well!

  • i2h

    like the concept, but the descriptions are retarded. it’s like it was written by a second-year arch major. pull the thesaurus out of your ass and just write concisely, not excessively.

  • R

    Great exterior, boring interior: while on the outside he uses interesting tactile materials with a rustic finish, on the inside it’s all too clean, generic and soulless.

  • David

    I agree with Zee that the spaces look uncomfortable, one straight long wall would change a lot. But compliments for the windows and terrace, wow!

  • cyann

    love it! simply surprise!

  • Wow! simple, humble, brilliant!!

  • Gorgon

    Some details would be nice especially of that interesting roof.
    Plans and sections should be the minimum requirement. Shame on you Dezeen.

  • drewcore

    a little bit funhouse on the inside but still beautiful, especially on the exterior

  • felix

    Bad interior design spoiling a really nice building.

    It’d be nice if the ground floor doors looked like warehouse-like too.

    I like the roof tiles stopping short of the ground a lot. I wonder what the second material is, some sort of panel cladding system? Hard to see.

  • j

    beautiful, what a view!

  • en.arquitectura

    i think it’s brilliant. Different windows adaptations, understanding context, light-full and alive colors on the inside, detailed interior elements… sorry for the pessimists who prefer square and boring spaces all the time.

  • Zee

    I completly support BH’s point about the unnessassary colour palette. I think this building would have worked as an entirely open space, functioning as a town library or a fantastic restaurant. The inside does not reflect the ‘meh’ exterior.

  • ñm

    i’m sorry, but i think that’s a bad project. the interiors look very unconfortable. That’s a city apartment, not a house in the mountains.
    What are we doing? spaceships interiors in the pyrenees?

  • gerrie

    interesting. love the way the best is made of the views. the building blends in with the environment and not trying too hard to make a statement. for those who don’t like the furnishings – close your eyes and fantasize. i can see a great home, furnished to make it a special space in which to live! would like it if the eventual owners would be kind enough to show how they made themselves comfortable …

  • Zino Davidoff

    It’s a beautiful, formal shape that is both modern and traditional. Don’t quite understand the critics here… who seem to be mistaking their own personal taste with the brief for this home. I love it.

  • Tariq

    Great approch to solving multiple issues with one sroke.

  • nice proposal, another step out into a route towards formal experimentation, good!

  • Kelli

    How big is the square footage of this beautifully built home?

  • Rosa

    Impressive! And yet it is in Spain…

  • Wolfgang

    I like it, but white walls again… :(