Carro Lungi by Ciszak Dalmas


Carro Lungi by Ciszak Dalmas

Designers Ciszak Dalmas made this hand-cart to display garments made from Indian sarongs by fashion designer Kavita Parmar of Raasta.

Carro Lungi by Ciszak Dalmas

Called Carro Lungi, the cart was created especially to display the collection at Parmar's Madrid store.

Carro Lungi by Ciszak Dalmas

Each garment is fabricated from the 2 metre-long pieces of fabric, called lungis.

Carro Lungi by Ciszak Dalmas

Ciszak Dalmas consists of designers Alberto Gobbino Ciszak and Andrea Caruso Dalmas, based in Madrid and Turin.

Here's some more information from Ciszak Dalmas:

Carro Lungi

Hand crafted chart for Lungi collection re-appropriating objects and situations from everyday life. The project was designed for the Lungi collection which questions about sustainability encouraging artisans and communities to continue their age-old crafts. The collection sources lungis, a traditional Tamil Nadu 2 meters long fabric from South India. (

Ciszak Dalmas

Ciszak Dalmas is a young Madrid and Turin - based studio, co-founded by industrial designers Alberto Gobbino Ciszak and Andrea Caruso Dalmas in 2009, developing projects in the fields of design and communication. They graduated in 2005 from Industrial Design (BA) at the Politecnico di Torino. They worked as industrial designers in Paris at the Inga Sempé studio, in Milan at lighting manufacturer Artemide, in Torino at architecture studio Brh+, and design firm Pininfarina Extra.

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  • Anja

    Great … It reminds me MArcel Duchamp’s work

  • j

    i want this for my bedroom