Andromeda by Ross Lovegrove
for Yamagiwa


Andromeda by Ross Lovegrove for Yamagiwa

London designer Ross Lovegrove has launched this LED pendant lamp for Japanese lighting brand Yamagiwa.

Called Andromeda , the lamp has clusters of LEDs embedded at the cross-points of the hard polyurethane foam form.

Mirrors can be repositioned within the structure to reflect the light in different directions.

Here's some more information from Yamagiwa:


ANDROMEDA is an artificial structure for capturing artificial light.

As if some sea creature is floating in the ocean, the light emitted from LED clusters via mirror reflectors within the delineated configuration distributes pure light and shadow.

The LED clusters are embedded in the crossing parts of the very organic Lovegrove structure made of hard polyurethane foam while mirror reflectors are attached with magnet having flexibility in adjusting the desired angles.

ANDROMEDA can be installed in both domestic and public space not only as a lighting fixture but also an object of art creating an impressive ambiance.

H270 x W800 x D460 (total length 600-2000)mm

Steel with painted finish. Hard polyurethane foam. Mirror
LED 1.1W x8.

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  • Monumental! Love the shadows casted as well, though it would be more of a design feature because of this. Very Möbius strip-like in idea, beautiful.

  • Lux

    Stunning design. More art than light fixture although of course the LED features are such an important part of lighting today.

  • whoo boy that’s a nice piece of work. Well done.

  • Fish fingers

    Interesting that everyone likes it- IMO this looks very yesterday

  • very nice, i like the organic shape, i don’t know if these is like a new direction in design but in these case i like it, at least better that the last project of him with artemide. congrats.

  • norm

    it’s crazy how one designs a lighting fixture and does not engage with light whatsoever.. any shape with led is going to cast light and shadow, so if you have no purpose or context, the shape can be anything and in this case it happened to be this one – just another diatome like structure for seemingly no reason, other than you have modeled it with Maya and send it to a 3d printer, so that you can still claim yourself “contemporary”. (not to mention that this has been done many times before, by others..) What stops its form taking the shape of a duck or a horse? A bare light bulb is more beautiful and meaningful than this.

  • Xit

    norm : It just looks fancy ok !, forget why, 3d captain organic does his magic again ohhhh ahhhh

    Seriously though, totally agree with, maybe a duck would be cooler with LED eyes with repositionable mirrors.

  • ste

    well everyone likes it… but if this was designed by zaha everyone would hate it… strange world we live in where coolness is much more improtant that the actual perception of something.

    simple yet good object with reaaaaly nice shadows and a good precise surface imho.

  • @norm I kinda agree with you in that a single lightbulb is beautiful in its simplicity and essentialism, however I think we can’t ignore designing to emotions; for me this creates a strong emotional response based on its lightness and organic form. True there could be some functionally driven design here too—whichever organic structure he was inspired, surely has this form for a reason—well actually Ross would say he is trying to “take way and take away” until you are left with only what you need to form a structure. But in that case we would be back to having just a light bulb :)

  • Cydewayz


  • norm

    @ste, if ZHA did this, first of all it would be like 20 times larger at a very awkward scale (i think at ZHA nobody really understands furniture scale, which is usually what happens if you let post architecture grads designing furniture & fixtures) and somebody will manufacture only one item and put it on a display at the Design Museum for a last minute exhibition which would have a title of something like “parametric lighting”.

  • a.n

    Zaha hadid elastica and not as well done……

  • Cheesy as usual

  • Saludos cordiales.

    Me parece un objeto hermoso.
    Importante sería para este tipo de luminarias el uso de witricidad.
    Los cables deslucen el diseño y la idea.

    Erick Bojorque