Industrial Makeshifts by Simon Hasan


Industrial Makeshift by Simon Hasan

London designer Simon Hasan has hand-made 400 bowls, cups and vases from boiled leather, which he will sell via a vending machine.

Industrial Makeshift by Simon Hasan

Called Industrial Makeshifts, the project involved wrapping pieces of leather over mass-produced objects, including cola bottles and thrift-store finds, and immersing them in boiling water.

Industrial Makeshift by Simon Hasan

The customised vending machine will be installed in the market square of UK town Northampton on 23-24 July, 30-31 July and 1 August as part of local festival Blink.

Industrial Makeshift by Simon Hasan

Each item will cost £3.

Industrial Makeshift by Simon Hasan

Photography is by Emma Wieslander. Illustration and graphic design is by Xavier Poultney.

Industrial Makeshift by Simon Hasan

Here's some more information from Hasan:

Northampton Market Square
July 2010


Industrial Makeshift was conceived in response to an invitation by Northampton Festival to create a site-specific installation in the town’s 700 year-old Market Square.

Industrial Makeshift by Simon Hasan

Like many market towns, Northampton has witnessed the explosive growth of high street chains that are part of an automated system of global manufacturing, supply and consumption.

Industrial Makeshift by Simon Hasan

In Industrial Makeshift Simon Hasan explores this evolution through themes of commerce, craft and industry, and by questioning the role of the handmade within the modern production system.

Industrial Makeshift by Simon Hasan

Hasan has used the medieval leather-working technique of Cuir Bouilli to mass-produce over 400 handcrafted objects, which can be purchased in the usual coin-operated way from a customised vending machine. Selling for only £3, the pieces are moulded on archetypes of mass-production such as cola bottles or anonymous pound-shop plastic objects. Rendered in hardened leather, these symbols of globalised industry become curious artefacts with an almost archaeological quality.

Industrial Makeshift by Simon Hasan

Industrial Makeshift alludes to William Morris’ 1894 lambaste of unsatisfactory mass produced goods, although in this iteration it is Hasan’s unique hand-made objects that have become makeshifts of the ubiquitous engineered products they are formed on. At the request of the designer, all proceeds from this installation are to be donated to the Northampton Market Trader’s Association.

Industrial Makeshift by Simon Hasan

Materials: Boiled leather, polyurethane resin, steel/brass/linen thread


23 & 24 July 10 - 5pm
30 & 31 July 10 - 5pm
1 August 12 - 5pm

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  • love this ! his work is amazing

  • tanya telford – T

    thinking this is a super nice project, are they individually stamped in reference to this Northampton project and numbered to0?

  • artpeopleplaceschange

    This is a great idea! I think there needs to be more opportunities for people to buy and view handmade items and art at this level. In fact I have been thinking about doing something similar in my area. By- the- way, beautiful work!