Skeleton by Roger Arquer


Skeleton by Roger Arquer

London designer Roger Arquer’s Skeleton project allows several shirts to be held on the same clothes hanger.

Skeleton by Roger Arquer

"Cities are becoming more populated, flats smaller and consequently wardrobes," says Arquer. "It is a reflection how our everyday lives can be alternated and adapted due to globalisation."

Skeleton by Roger Arquer

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Here's some more information from Arquer:

Skeleton (2010) is a cloth hanger. Inspired by the need to save space in our wardrobes, we propose a friendly and practical solution to hang different cloth using the same hanger.

Skeleton by Roger Arquer

Skeleton addresses a common issue with no compromises: shirts or blouses are still properly hanged while it’s easy to go through the different items –adding and removing them from the hanger.

Skeleton by Roger Arquer

This project is inspired from the observation of an everyday behaviour. Shirts and blouses are often piled up on the same hanger. This is due of the amount of space in our homes has reduced, and the amount of purchased clothing has increased. These facts are clearly based on the way we our society has change on the past decade. This coat hanger adapts to an existing situation and encourages embracing it.

Skeleton by Roger Arquer

Also, Skeleton’s aesthetics adds a charming and pleasant note to an object we use on a daily bases.

Dimensions: 33x 40x 0.5 cm

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  • michelalano

    Obviously thoughtful and practical. I’d use one. Though, I think it could use a couple more ribs.

  • LDD

    Laughing out loud at that sketch. The first and only?

  • whatevs

    Some indents for strapless dresses or tops and the like would be a plus! I like this idea! I always hang so many clothes on one hanger..

  • Xit

    Such an obvious good design that others have already had the idea like Jean Marc Gady & i’m sure many others.

    Check under ‘Objects’ > Monday coat hanger

    The difference comes with how the object treated material choice, method of fabrication, cost, proportions and details, but most importantly ‘is it produced and can I buy it ?’

    I think Roger has done a good job here although is it produced? I’m also intrigued to know ‘What is the little hole for ?’

  • @xit – i think the hole is the belly button

  • Matas

    but you can use the simple one for 3 shirts