Crucifix Surge Protector by Means of Production


Crucifix Surge Protector by Means of Production

New York architect Alexander Pincus of Means of Production has designed this electrical extension lead in the shape of a cruciform.

Crucifix Surge Protector by Means of Production

Power/Strip has twelve outlets, an inbuilt surge protector and can accommodate oversized adapters.

Crucifix Surge Protector by Means of Production

Pincus claims the product provides "comprehensive protection from evil, power surges, and AC contamination."

Crucifix Surge Protector by Means of Production

All images are by Alan Silverman.

Crucifix Surge Protector by Means of Production

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Posted on Wednesday September 1st 2010 at 2:23 pm by Joe Mills. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • trof

    "Feel the power of Jesus! Plug in!"

  • That's actually quite useful. There's always this conflict between big adaptors facing the right direction…..

  • believer

    Next try a swastika. It's a more efficient shape and they massacred far fewer than the Christians over time.

  • ben

    looks hilarious without anything plugged in – all of the little screaming outlet faces!

  • It doesn't matter the shape of this extension, too many outlets are not good!

  • harky
  • Adam

    so to quote the article this surge protector can, 'accommodate oversized adapters'. does anyone think it's funny that in the very first picture of the article [with all the plugs plugged in] it clearly looks like you face the same problem? the black plug on the left clearly is too large to let you plug in an appliance to the plug next to it!

    if you set out to solve a problem that plagues everybody [lord knows i would love to not have to worry about my adapter being too large and taking up 2-3 plugs] why don't you solve the problem??!! geez….

  • Rozita

    I can certainly appreciate the many metaphors this work conveys within todays urbane society and the artist/maker/designer's post modernist art practices. It certainly does make the viewer think and look.
    Yes, it is not very green, but I don't think the maker had that intention when making the object.
    Apart from the above, another thought came to mind.
    There is a musical rock band named "ACDC" they had a song title "High Voltage Rock and Roll" !!
    I am sure the performers of this band would have enjoyed plugging in their not so green instruments into this not so green appliance when they initially performed this song all those many decades ago!

  • eugmir

    Whats the poetry in this? Jesus Saves electricity?

  • akun

    It is so big,makes the price of logistics very hign.