Munich Fractal Arena by Dear Design for Munich


Munich Fractal Arena by Dear Design for Munich

Barcelona studio Dear Design have completed this shop in Valencia with shoes displayed on a metal lattice for Spanish outfitters Munich.

Munich Fractal Arena by Dear Design for Munich

The wall-hung structure, which wraps around the perimeter of the shop, is inspired by the company’s X-shaped logo and finished in lacquer.

Munich Fractal Arena by Dear Design for Munich

Munich Fractal Arena’s interior is illuminated by a light diffuser spanning the ceiling, and entirely finished in white with a glossed resin floor, painted walls and lacquered furniture.

Munich Fractal Arena by Dear Design for Munich

All photos are by Xavier Mañosa.

Munich Fractal Arena by Dear Design for Munich

Here's the press release from the designers:


Munich Fractal Arena

Barcelona, XX September 2010. MUNICH, the fashion and sports footwear firm, is opening its second boutique in Valencia. Following on from its first store in the city’s Carmen neighbourhood, it is now opening a second store in Calle Jorge Juan.

Dear Design, the team behind the project, have designed a light, open space to exhibit the brand’s shoes. The main idea is to immerse visitors in the Arena (understood as a stadium), a space flooded with light framed by a hanging metal structure. Visitors enter the store from the street, from chaos to an organised space.

Munich Fractal Arena by Dear Design for Munich

The Arena is shaped by the metal structure, a second skin that surrounds the existing container without touching it and also serves to exhibit the shoes.

The structure’s fractal design is based on infinitely repeated Xs, the brand’s symbol, down to the last detail: the supports, the backstitching on the skin on the bench and the counter, and the system of catches – always performing different functions.

Munich Fractal Arena by Dear Design for Munich

Each hole in the structure allows for easy access to the exhibited product, highlighted by the use of white. This is the main element on this stage, where visitors are the leading actors.

The simplicity to this project lies in saving materials – only sheets of glossy white lacquered iron for the perimeter structure, Corian for the lettering, a Barrisol stretched ceiling for lighting, natural iron for the joinery, white polyurethane resin with glossy varnished finish for the floor, and white skin and iron sheets for the furniture.

Text: Isa Casanellas

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  • The nicest display i've ever seen!

  • Yesterday I passed in front of the shop and looked really nice, just like the photos! Next time I will definitely enter.

  • it's the same architecture used for the french pavilion in shanghai expo… this doesn't seems as impressive as it was!!!!

    • luis, the French pavilion in Shanghai cost 38 millions euros. This is a shoe store…

      • of course!!! what I don't like is that they use the same idea as the pavilion… it's not creative at all…

        • I would say it just shows how ridiculous building pavilions are, when you can get the architectural message across more effectively at the scale of a shoe store.
          Plus, its not like lattice facades were invented in 2010 they have been around for centuries! There is no such thing as a new idea.

          • Katsudon

            It's not about lattices in general, but more about the pattern. It's exactly the same pattern. I also at first sight thought it was a self tribute by Ferrier.
            Now I don't say Dear Design did a copy. It happen to me also to make a design that I find very close to a building I never saw before. It happens often!

  • Kristen

    I love this….^^…I love how the shoes seem like floating on each of its space…waiting for the customer to choose using a magic wand…

  • hdxtst

    I like the way the inner skin is developed for display. but I wonder if the design is flexible enough to integrate the space for promotional adds or posters without any composition against the same element. Any ideas?

  • It is easy to make good pictures of interior design when we are in a good interior design.
    Congratulations Dear Design.

    We continue,

  • theshopwindow

    So beautiful!! I like how the shoes complete the design!

  • arquiteto

    easy to make
    easy to see
    easy in the cost
    easy for people who only care about shoes
    easy to stay always in order
    easy to like.


  • Rahul

    Nice design , but have a querry/observation …

    Y are the shoes placed horizontally , y not inclined . Is that possible or not , or does keeping them at an agle hinders the visibility or sellability ??????

  • Simple .. Genius .. Beautiful .. Art and to the point.

    I bet that many buyers went there only to check it out.

    Actually, even if it's expensive to create it was a great investment.

  • Melvin Goldstein

    A fractal is the image of chaos. Chaos Theory is one of “Physics Foibles”.