Modernatique by Hyung Suk Cho


Modernatique by Hyung Suk Cho

This chair with a curved frame and tapered legs is by Korean designer Hyung Suk Cho.

Modernatique by Hyung Suk Cho

Called Modernatique, the collection comes in black and walnut or white and ash wood.

Modernatique by Hyung Suk Cho

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Modernatique by Hyung Suk Cho

The information below is from Hyung Suk Cho:

In general, Furniture is divided in two style, Modern and Antique.

Modernatique by Hyung Suk Cho

These two styles are very different in appearance. so it is very different from each attraction.

Modernatique by Hyung Suk Cho

Modernatique chair has the each elements of these two styles.

Modernatique by Hyung Suk Cho

Beautiful curves of antique and clean lines of modern design is the proper harmony.

Modenetique chair has two version. It is Black version with walnut and ash & White version with colored ash and ash. This was firstly introduced at Korea Design Festival 2010 in Seoul, Korea.

Chair: 520x600x600
Table; 565x835x400
Material; Walnut, Ash

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  • Gravy

    Inelegance defined.

  • mishu

    The armrests seem too wide to comfortably rest your arms, other than that, just looks like an ordinary chair.

  • Post

    why so many renderings if there is a real chair?

  • bill

    @post: It's much easier to render two chairs in one shot than build two prototypes. Also easier to render a presentation image than take a presentation quality photograph.

  • neko

    dipped in chocolate…..nice.