Bespoke Sex Toys by Made to Pleasure


Made to Pleasure

Made to Pleasusre, a new online venture allowing customers to customize their own sex toys opens today.

Made to Pleasure

Top: Ripple

The online store features a bespoke boutique where customers can design their own sex toys using a standard template, altering the size and shape depending on personal preferences.

Made to Pleasure

There are also six different styles of 'off the peg' toys to choose from.

Made to Pleasure

Above: Pearl

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Made to Pleasure

Above: Curve

Here's some more information about the products:

Made To Pleasure

Made To Pleasure is a new purveyor of pleasure toys unlike any other – beautiful to look at, luxuriously crafted and exquisite to use; and, for the first time, completely customisable to each woman’s own desires.

Made to Pleasure

Above: Taper

Our raison d’etre is simple – to bring the ultimate pleasure to women. Every woman has thoroughly individual desires, predilections and even anatomical differences. There’s no one-size-fits-all option at Made To Pleasure – each woman should be led by her own preferences.

Made to Pleasure

Above: Ellipse

Working closely with groups of 30+ testers our design team has created the Bespoke Boutique, an interactive design tool to allow women to craft something totally unique that’s perfect just for them. In addition we offer a range of six gorgeous “Off The Peg” toys, each developed specifically to suit various body types and preferences.

Made to Pleasure

Above: Hourglass

Every single one of our toys, whether custom-made or selected from the range, is unashamedly beautiful; each unique piece crafted from premium materials and uniquely designed to satisfy specific requirements.

Founded by two London based designers, Made To Pleasure will be launched in time for Valentine’s day, 2011.

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  • bonsaiman

    I did not get their marketing strategy… what do they mean "women"???
    For a lighter note, there is no hint on materials. Safety matters.

  • john smith

    very beautiful work

  • Chris

    Where are the ones for men?

  • But where do the batteries go in?

    • Jessy

      Each one comes with a vibrating bullet, separate from the toy, they explain why here:

      I agree actually, it's way better to have a hygienic sealed toy with no ugly buttons or battery hatches and using the bullet externally simultaneously with the toy internally sound, well, very stimulating! Nice to see a different approach.

  • The next thing you know there's going to be Swarovski crystals on them (if they don't have 'em already!)

  • Blush

    Gosh, my critical faculties have gone all fuzzy with embarrassment; darn my British prudishness!
    I thought they were door handles.

  • i wonder is it cnc mill or 3d print, anyone some ideas?

    • Anton

      would have to be on cnc lathe i would think

  • uninformedobserver

    As noted on their 'Rear View' page- 'One other thing (and this is VERY important): make sure it’s got a wide ring or base to stop it slipping all the way in. Once it’s all the way inside, the only way it’s coming out again is thanks to trained medical professionals. Ouch.' What? In fact, all manner of toys lost up my butt have worked their way out naturally while squatting over my favorite mirror.

    • felix

      wow, tmi mate

  • KDS

    I'd be interested to know what these are made of. They're beautiful sculptural objects, but they look like they'd be ice-cold to the touch.

    …And what's with the strict emphasis on women in their press material? If you're going to make sex toys, you might want to acknowledge that both sexes use these kinds of things.

  • JuiceMajor

    OMG…they look so good. I am almost tempted to use it as display!!

  • Patrick S

    Finally, parametric design put to good use.. :)

  • brycycle

    sorry i missed the headline of the post – is this a sneak peak of the 2011 'on the boards' projects at Zaha's office?

  • jac_oli

    That is fantastic ! I hope they deliver on time for "mother's day" 2011 !

  • benjamin

    All I can say is "HOLY GOLD BUT PLUG"….someone finally just felt they had to do it…

  • To clarify some Q's above, they are produced in clear acrylic, and gold or silver casings with a polymer core that's meant to be heat retentive. An average gold piece such as Curve will knock you back £400. No batteries as these are specifically dildos not vibrators. Yes, as Blush states above they do look like exquisite door handles – so much so that a 'woman' (as they stress as being the target market) may save herself a bob or two by nipping down to her local Homebase…

  • ilinca

    when are going to be available in the dezeen watch store?

  • Steve

    My first thought were right. I didn't expect to see them on Dezeen- but I'm glad they did!

  • kermit

    All those sex toys look like Zaha Hadid buildings, or the other way round.

  • Clotaire Rapaille

    Well ! That is one hell of a huge cantelever !

  • stillunwritten

    if men do not need woman,or women do not need men,what will happen for future generations?
    I have worries about that.
    What can I say?Looks like cold fantasy object…

  • Bavarian Angel

    Really a "Goldständer"
    (the german Name of an Ausin Powers Movie)

  • That's a very interesting concept! Off over to check it out and design one for myself.

  • That's a very interesting concept! Off over to check it out and design one for myself.

  • Wow , just been on the website. its only £77 to get your own bespoke sex toy.

  • GloryB

    Wonderful designs, but sexually I dont like vibrators etc. Noisy, numbing; lots of money for something I can do myself.