House R by Bembé Dellinger


House R by Bembe Dellinger

This house cantilevering out from the landscape in Schondorf am Ammersee, Germany, is by German architect Bembé Dellinger.

House R by Bembe Dellinger

Called House R, the building features 380 acrylic cylinders that puncture the building's façade right through to the interior walls.

House R by Bembe Dellinger

Floor-to-ceiling glazing wraps around the building, providing panoramic views of the landscape and flooding the interior spaces with natural light.

House R by Bembe Dellinger

Photographs are by Stefan Müller-Naumann.

House R by Bembe Dellinger

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House R by Bembe Dellinger

The text that follows is from the architect:

House R

Schondorf on Lake Ammersee has become an attractive place to live due to its location, its good infrastructure, the short distance to Munich and the airport.

House R by Bembe Dellinger

A mansion for a business couple, curious, brave and interested in design.

House R by Bembe Dellinger

A house with complex functional sequences.

House R by Bembe Dellinger

A framed view of the sculptural landscape. 380 massive acrylic glass cylinders perforating the building’s exterior skin.

House R by Bembe Dellinger

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  • Bavarian Angel

    Concratulations Guys!

    Crazy and Hip. Very brave for the munich szene!
    Wondering, how you managed the german energetic standards and builing laws.
    Can you post the costs of this beautyful house?
    Simply AMAZING!

  • bavarian brangel

    not my taste.
    awkward shape and trying-too-hard-attitude all the way through.
    still, nicely detailed.
    but not every suburban house needs to be a guggenheim..

  • jim

    great example of very contemporary architecture. looks like so much fun. i really enjoy looking at it.

  • tanyatelford

    when can i move in? once I've lassoed my husband? seriously though i think that it would be quite interesting to know more about the acrylic glass cylinders in terms of new materials (is it?) plus functionality, cost of environmental footprint re manufacturing etc.

  • Guillermo

    What were they trying to cover by photoshop-ing in a very bad way the first picture??? :S

  • ste

    great effort and a lot of ideas but still the interior looks boring imho… talking bout complex functional sequence makes me wait for some more interesting relationships.