Drink Link by Joon Lee


Drink Link by Joon Lee

Endhoven designer Joon Lee has created this tea set where all the cups are linked to a central jug by ropes.

Drink Link by Joon Lee

Called Drink Link, the project involved heating the synthetic rope to fix it round the porcelain, but allowing the links with each cup to stay flexible.

Drink Link by Joon Lee

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Drink Link by Joon Lee

Here's some text from the designer:

Eindhoven based designer Joon Lee looks to old artifacts when designing tableware that engages people to converse at the table. The “Drink Link” tea set consists of a teapot connected to its cups, directly linking every person to each other.

“By mimicking an historical artifact through using a different methodology and material, I created my own interpretation of the traditional Delft blue porcelain”, says Joon Lee. Synthetic rope covering the porcelain was hardened through a heating process while the linkages to the cups remained flexible.

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  • teo

    How do you wash them?
    Do they go in the dishwasher or into the washing-machine?

  • mirre van den berg

    uuurrrgghhhh… i though i just invented this!!!
    but very nice indeed :)