Grinza by the Campana brothers for Edra


Grinza by Fernando and Humberto Campana for Edra

Milan 2011: Brazilian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana present this wrinkly armchair for Italian brand Edra at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan this week.

Grinza by Fernando and Humberto Campana for Edra

Called Grinza, the design has a steel frame covered in polyurethane foam and folds of leather or fur.

The show continues unto 17 April. See all our stories about Milan 2011 »

Here's a bit of text from Edra:

“Grinza” armchair, design Fernando and Humberto Campana

The Campana brothers, in their years with Edra, have always considered the material with which each piece is realized as a value unto itself.

From the wooden slats of the Favela chair, to the long strands of raffia of the Cabana container, to the curved stainless steel of the Corallo chair or the 120 meters of velvet tubing of the Boa sofa. And now there’s Grinza, which has a steel tube frame and polyurethane padding, with great expanses of leather or eco-fur draped softly over the structure.

  • Robot

    Hmn, it just doesn't look appealing to me. They look like an eye sore.

  • After five minutes that leather chair will be really uncomfortable to sit in. Those folds will slice into your legs and back.

  • jmt

    Looks like a furry ballsack – gross.

  • Lucas Melo

    doesnt look comfortable, but the campana brothers ar known by their concept, and not really useful chairs, remember the lacoste chair…

  • en4ce

    The first chair looks like a scrotum. :)

  • Nino

    Kind of testicle chique!

  • Agghh..they skinned a Shar Pei……..!!

  • danana

    sure…i believe the "glue everything you can in a chair" time has passed….

  • I am not a campana

    The strage thing about all that is: it costs a fortune, it's considered top quality design… although, like someone has said in another blog: " if I myself, a young designer, show a project like this to any company, they will simply laugh at me and say – go home and study a bit more…" so, in the end, is it good design or not????

  • I had the same thought… OMG, they used Shar Pei doggies as upholstery fabric. :(

  • douglas

    I like the furry one, but leather isn't appropriate for lots of undulating folds. Very imaginative and therefore far more interesting than the so-called 'simple' designs everyone gushes over on here.

  • riiice

    these guys are laughing all the way to the bank.
    I have yet to see a campana bros. design that doesnt look like a hastily conceived college art project.

  • portion spread

    looks like a nut sack

  • Boom shaaaklka boom boom, problem solved.