Finger-nose Stylus by Dominic Wilcox


Finger-nose Stylus by Dominic Wilcox

London designer Dominic Wilcox created this stylus that straps over his nose for using his touch-screen phone in the bath. Update: this project is included in Dezeen Book of Ideas, which is on sale now for £12.

Finger-nose Stylus by Dominic Wilcox

Called Finger-nose Stylus, the device is made from a handheld stylus embedded in fibrous plaster.

Finger-nose Stylus by Dominic Wilcox

It allows the user to securely hold the phone with one hand and operate it with their nose.

Finger-nose Stylus by Dominic Wilcox

Here are some more details from Dominic Wilcox:

I sometimes use my touchphone in the bath. I know it’s stupid. One problem I encounter is that when put my left hand in the water without thinking, it gets wet and unusable for touchscreen navigation. It is too risky to try to hold and navigate with one hand. I found that I could use my nose to scroll but I couldn’t see where my nose was touching precisely. It was at that point that I came up with this idea of a nose extension ‘finger’ that would allow navigation while my phone is firmly held by one hand.

I did send a tweet from the bath last night which was typed as ‘Hello I am tweeting with my nose’ unfortunately due to the phone’s
auto-correct it sent it as… 'Hello I am meeting with my nose'.

I lost 2 followers.

Finger-nose Stylus by Dominic Wilcox

It’s also handy when out and about multi-tasking. I imagine it would be a great accessory for iPad users.

I bought a handheld stylus that I embedded in the plaster nose. The plaster comes mixed with fibres that make it look hairy.

Although this is handy for me in the bath it touches on possible uses for people without use of a hand. Though the design could be made more ‘subtle’ for everyday use maybe coming from around the neck.

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  • caid

    yeah i bet you are really serious about that

  • deliberately mental

  • Nosepicker

    Great invention…now you would have one hand available to pick your nose while using your iPhone… oh no… there's some fibrous plaster in the way :)

    And also makes you wonder what the other hand in the bathtub is used for?

  • does it really make you wonder?

  • Diego

    Lets not entirely be naive…..most people read a lot on the loo, which means that our London designer friend must surely have applied & clocked his exceptional navigation skills many an hour sitting on the loo, too! In which case, this is not a laughing matter….imagine not being able to have the extended Pinoccio Nose thingy jobby while navigating, how on earth would you be able to grab the toilet paper roll & wipe forwards/backwards.

  • inose

    Great pinocchio-style!
    would name it "inose" or is that already trademarked…?
    one tip: get your partner in the tub, two hands free and two to "thouch"…

  • amsam

    I always wanted a high-tech reason to wear a renaissance carnival mask around the house!

  • Now I've seen EVERYTHING. But it won't be very practical in the shower. Good Lord, are people that obsessed with staying connected to their digital gadgets at every waking moment?

  • billybob44

    Quite a lot of effort for something that won't work with most modern touch screen devices such as ipad and iphone, which only respond to skin on screen contact.

    • Tomas

      It works fine on iPhone and iPad.

    • Angelo

      It’s capacitive. It’s based on conductive feedback, not just skin. You think Apple’s products have skin detectors in them? Are you crazy?

  • as great cash may come your way!
    thanks for the nice invention… it truly made my day.

  • Jotte

    FaceTime, anyone?

  • jora

    Cheap provocation!

  • Teo

    Just . use . your . THUMB !!!

    • PopUpPopOut

      My thoughts exactly!

  • Guest

    brilliant! now how do i zoom in?

    • Paul

      Get an elephant stylus!

  • Memo

    Does the nose comes also with a set of mouse ears ?

  • Angelos

    writing an sms + having a bath = woodpecker showering!


  • thank god we could share this break through.

  • Linda Logue

    i love it. it could probably be fine tuned but i think u may be onto something.
    it also lights up in the dark?

  • Dune

    i love the 21st century

  • Xenus_Paradox

    Ever wanted to look like an Italian doctor from the Renaissance while you use your iPhone?


  • Kris

    It looks like something hip malchick Alex DeLarge would wear!

  • This seems like a good candidate not so much for the bath, but for people who are missing one or both hands.

  • guest

    there's a much more handy protuberance available to a man in a bath…just use that for scrolling instead.

  • The idea with the nose-stylus simply brilliant

  • man also has another extension for this:) …

  • Just JP

    It is also called the " bock, bock". Crowing like a rooster is optional.

  • Rokoll

    modern day "The Jerk". Wait till everyone goes crosseyed using the contraption

  • jlm


  • mickladeon

    1 word- WOW – I feel it’s much more refreshing then seeing another chair or another white Japanese house.

    Dezeen, how about organising a competition for the most inefficient, undesirable strange useless object ever invented?

    I AM IN.

  • ummm

    Wouldn't it be better to make a water proof phone hook, that sticks to the wall and you can use with wet hands rather than making everyone look like a muppet??

  • sabi

    A Clockwork Orange ))

  • dave gronlie

    Cyrano de Bergerac: "Oh, no, young sir. You are too simple. Why, you might have said a great many things. Why waste your opportunity? For example, thus: AGGRESSIVE: I assert that if that nose were mine, I'd have it amputated on the spot. PRACTICAL: How do you drink with such a nose? You must have had a cup made especially. DESCRIPTIVE: 'Tis a rock, a crag, a cape! A cape? Say rather, a peninsula! INQUISITIVE: What is that recepticle? A razor case or a portfolio? KINDLY: Ah, do you love the little birds so much that when they come to see you, you give them this to perch on. CAUTIOUS: Take care! A weight like that might make you top-heavy. ELOQUENT: When it blows, the typhoon howls, and the clouds darken! DRAMATIC: When it bleeds, the Red Sea. SIMPLE: When do they unveil the monument? MILITARY: Beware, a secret weapon. ENTERPRISING: What a sign for some perfumer! RESPECTFUL: Sir, I recognize in you a man of parts. A man of… prominence! Or, LITERARY: Was this the nose that launched a thousand ships? These, my dear sir, are things you might have said, had you some tinge of letters or of wit to color your discourse."


  • devon

    a new milestone for porn?

  • Eug

    In all seriousness, why didn't this guy develop this further as he had pointed out. It actually has some potential. Instead, he's a laughing stock! Just to get some publicity? It's just not worth it.
    To be a designer (not saying that this guy is by the way) you can't just think of one possible solution and say that will do. You have to think of a thousand possibilities, choose an outcome and still think "is this fit for its purpose"? Too many people out there just chasing the dollar for dollars' sake.

  • Genije

    Excellent solution for "too advanced phones," which will soon require a third hand.

  • discount

    ….um, anyone remember nosey bonk….? (dont have nightmares)

  • gigi

    What a joke. I get your point but this design is ridiculous at best.

  • gigi

    And you know that you can buy waterproof phone packets that allow you to use the touchscreen as normal, right?

  • This is soo hilarious! What will they think of next?