Concept Kitchen by Kilian Schindler for Naber


Concept Kitchen by Kilian Schindler for Naber

German designer Kilian Schindler has created this adaptable modular kitchen system for German kitchen accessories brand Naber.

Concept Kitchen by Kilian Schindler for Naber

The conceptual kitchen comprises basic worktop units with either an oven, sink or storage beneath.

Concept Kitchen by Kilian Schindler for Naber

Extra shelves can be added beneath and a grid fitted round the back supports utensils.

Concept Kitchen by Kilian Schindler for Naber

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Concept Kitchen by Kilian Schindler for Naber

The information below is from Naber:

Naber inspires Rat für Formgebung with „ Concept Kitchen“

Designed by product design bureau Kilian Schindler, initiated and accompanied in its realisation by the accessories specialist Naber – the concept of the new modular kitchen „Concept Kitchen“ was nominated to represent first class German design performance. The Rat für Formgebungs’ travelling exhibiton with the title „Design Deutschland - functional, distinct, unobtrusive“ shows about 100 current design concepts and proves the innovative power of German companies and designers on three of the worldwide most important interior design exhibitions. In relation with the Fuori Salone „Concept Kitchen“ was alreads exhibited from the 12. – 17. April in Milan, from the 14.-17. May it’ll be displayed for trade professionals in New York and from 28. November to the 2. December on the BODW in Hong Kong.

The designer Kilian Schindler from Karlsruhe applied „Concept Kitchen“ as a solid framework for chaotic everyday life aesthetics. It offers a changeable skeleton to its user which he can organise according to his individual wishes and needs. The integrated objects enrich the minimal designed piece of kitchen furniture by a whole different dimension that goes far beyond the functionality as a working place. With the aesthetics of simplicity, diversity and liveliness „Concept Kitchen“ can here and now adjust itself to the needs of its users’ life but likewise easily at any other location. If as an island solution combined with the classic version of a fitted kitchen the modules can be arranged according to your liking.

The system of the mobile kitchen is currently based on four modules: worktop and storage area, worktop and oven with autarkic cooking surface, dishwashing area plus cupboard element. The basic elements are made from steel and easy to disassemble. They’ve got pre-drilled grid patterns for the flexible arranging of construction and storage shelves. As easy as the storage of the disassembled modules is their assembling and disassembling.

  • Gravy

    This is really good-looking. But I never understand the "modular" kitchen concepts. All kitchens are modular. And it isn't as if you can move your sink or oven to the location that suits you best on any given day. What do these accomplish, other than removing much-needed storage?

  • The idea is interesting, but the design looks like a modern laboratory, it's a shame!

  • @ Gravy:

    You raise a good point. I guess these type of designs try to solve the need of escalation in your cooking needs.

    Like, if you're a single person and only need the most basic preparation unit, but then you get married and you need to cook for two; or maybe you just got married and don't have enough money to buy your complete dream kitchen, so you buy one of two of these modules with the plan of eventually completing your kitchen set in the years to come.

    • Joe

      but you need to plan out the water/gas line sewage in advance, which are conveniently absent from the mock ups.

  • aamodakitchen

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