The Bird's Nest by Inrednin Gsgruppen


The Bird's Nest by Inrednin Gsgruppen

This huge nest with a retractable staircase by Swedish designers Inrednin Gsgruppen forms part of a hotel in the trees in northern Sweden.

The Bird's Nest by Inrednin Gsgruppen

Part of the Tree Hotel, The Nest is supported by existing trees and the exterior is covered in twigs.

The Bird's Nest by Inrednin Gsgruppen

The inside is covered with wooden panels throughout, with small round windows partially covered by the twigs outside.

The Bird's Nest by Inrednin Gsgruppen

The Nest is one of five hotel rooms on the site see Tree Hotel by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter in our earlier story.

The Bird's Nest by Inrednin Gsgruppen

25 rooms are planned for the site in the next five  years.

The Bird's Nest by Inrednin Gsgruppen

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The following is from the Tree Hotel:

The Bird's Nest

Bertil Harström

This concept is based upon the contrast between exterior and interior. From the outside it appears as a big nest, only the scale separating it from other nests in the vicinity. Discreet windows are almost hidden by the network of branches.

Inside it’s a high standard room with modern design. A coachwork panel decorates the inner wall. There is space and beds for a family with two children. The bedroom is a separate room with sliding doors. You access the nest by a retractable staircase.

Year built: 2010
Architect: Inredningsgruppen | Bertil Harström
Number of beds: Four beds (one double bed and two single child beds)

  • ¿en serio? Voy a ir al bosque para meterme en un tambor de madera casi hermético y elevado 10 metros del suelo. No lo creo.

    • Vanessa

      ojala tengas la oportunidad de verlo en persona y creeme que vas a pensar diferenete….

    • Pues si. Pero así por lo menos no te va a encontrar el águila ;)

  • Beautiful micro-architecture

  • juan

    so bad the interior HAS NOTHING TO DO with the exterior!!

    • eduardo

      How could it though, unless you wanted to sleep in an actual nest? Alternatively, the exterior could reflect the interior, and the project would lose a lot of the magic it has. A project like this is powerful on an intellectual level by tapping into an almost mythic view of architecture, instead of the typical cerebral relationship of inside and outside directly relating.

      • G_A

        It definitely could. I agree with Juan. They could have done something far more imaginative with the interior. This interior is just standard stuff. They could have for example, done something more in line with they do with the Aesop stores to give it a birds nest feel inside and out:

  • termierid0520

    please do not criticize just for criticize itself.
    This is nice. I cannot image if this were as the critics hopes to have a interior correspondent with its exterior. Simple and natural design this is.

  • emily

    why oh why would you make such a unique and beautiful nest and reduce the experience of being inside it to the most universally bland roadside hotel,

  • Now this is exciting!

  • What a luxurious nest!

  • Bravo. Nice drawings

  • That's the kind of treehouse a boy dreams of!

  • Bartleby

    A theme park design. Give me a twig structure complete with a twig interior next time. If we are going to adopt dwellings from birds, we should very well respect the design integrity of the model creature.

  • Karl

    Its suppossed to be "Inrednings gruppen" not "inrednin gsgruppen"… (Means "the interior group" in swedish whereas what you have written means nothing…)

  • Agreed about the interior….its a beautiful and simplistic interior design, but it is a striking contrast to the exterior texture and activity. Maybe that's the design concept. I have to admit, this doesn't really say bird's nest to me, its a little grotesque in form and shape for that; birds' nests are always so elegant and delicate and I don't see that reflected in the aesthetic in this design.

  • stretchendeavors

    i totally agree with eduardo…
    like so many critics, there's always a "need" for the design to be how "they would have designed such an idea" (if they had come up with such a brilliant theme themselves). my OPINION, the designer, hailing from sweden and showing iconic swedish, clean, simplistic designs, did an incredible job by building a concealed nest in the woods with a contemporary feel that would give the occupants a unique, luxurious perspective in a naturalistic setting. to me, the designer was thinking outside of the box. would ever think that the interior would look like this? it IS a complete contrast to the outside and believe that's exactly what the designer intended for the finished product. giving it a "nest-like" feel would have been so typical. it's like putting a deers head over the mantle of a log cabin in the woods, or spoon/fork/knife drawer-pulls in a kitchen remodel. this is just an opinion, but i believe this project was very well designed and executed.

  • Andy

    WOW!!!! You know inside they shoul have giant egg chairs and half cut open eggs as beds an TV etc!!!!!!!!!!!