Tour Végétale de Nantes by Edouard François


Tour Végétale de Nantes by Edouard François

Plants adapted to thrive in rocky crevices will take over the facade of this tower for Nantes by French architect Edouard François.

Tour Végétale de Nantes by Edouard François

Plants will grow inside stainless steel tubes on the Tour Végétale de Nantes.

Tour Végétale de Nantes by Edouard François

The tubes will take up little space on each host balcony but will provide leafy surroundings for inhabitants while showcasing species collected by the local botanical gardens.

Tour Végétale de Nantes by Edouard François

The building will comprise a plinth containing retail and parking, offices enclosed in a black rubber cube and the residential tower with shifting, elliptical balconies.

Tour Végétale de Nantes by Edouard François

François is renowned for architecture that incorporates plants, including the Parisian Eden Bio social housing development completed in 2009. More details in our earlier story.

Tour Végétale de Nantes by Edouard François

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The information below is from Edouard François:

This operation situated in the future eco-neighborhoods, Prairie-au-Duc, in Nantes, is unique in particular because of its height. Its main challenge is to (re) create the desire to live in tall buildings, in a remarkable setting in the heart of the town.

This mixed project consists of a base of shops and parking, on which is placed in a black rubber cube of offices and a housing tower of 17 storey (60m).

The tower consists of a main body ringed by elliptic balconies. The balconies vary from floor to floor to form a giant organic silhouette.

The tower is the support for a collection of chasmophites plants coming from the collections of the botanical gardens of Nantes. These plants have been collected by scientists from the whole world and frozen. The building will show the plant collection of the city.

The originality of the plantation is to grow in long stainless steel tubes (diameter: 12cm/length: 4meters ). These tubes recreate the natural conditions of the chasmpophite plants that grow in rocky mountain flaws. A scientific experiment is currently underway for over a year in the botanical gardens of Nantes, to test the viability of the plantation process. The result of this experimentation shows that the growth of plants is exceptional for a very low water consumption.

The impact of the tubes on the balconies is minimal. On the other hand on the facades, they form vertical dynamic lines.

Tour végétale de Nantes
Architect : Edouard François - int. FRIBA
Botanist : Claude Figureau
Client : Groupe Giboire
Ilot A2 – Prairie aux Ducs – Ile de Nantes - Nantes
Planning : Concours Déc. 2009 - Livraison 2012
Program 9150 m² :
7500 m2 – appartments 6 240 m² (85 à 90 units)
2000 m2 - office,
350 m² - activity
91 parking places
Phase PC

  • oli

    I like the plant with no humus and no radix. Where can i get them. I need some too

  • Vincent v. Heesch

    I always get suspicious when I see a rendered building with thát many trees in it.. Did any architect ever succeed?

    • Mks

      If anyone did, Edouard Francois did

  • rek

    I think this is the future of urban architecture; structure—living environment integration. But I don't know that this particular example is that realistic, as those trees seem to be colliding with the storey above after just a few years, and the decorative grating would become mangled by branches/trunks.

    • Eric

      I have to agree on both of your points – unless the grating is intented for vine growth. I also simply find the grating visually unappealing.

      I also wonder where these trees are growing from – their root systems will need a fair amount of soil to be stable and absorb nutrients. How will this be managed?

      Again, great concept but Id like to see more on how it would actually be done.

  • mvl

    A literally green building.

  • rjc

    very very sweet

  • ryansy

    missing dwellers privercy.

  • check also his "Tower Flower" in Paris ….

  • SNP

    I wonder if the building needs to be able to stand independently from the trees? I love this guy but actually the form is pretty crude and frankly a bit poo like?

  • lexter

    putting trees on balconies does not make a 17 storey glass tower any greener (especially not in winter)

  • stefan

    Yeah, chech his "Tower Flower" in Paris…. but nowadays, when all the "green" is gone. That project is considered a failure.

  • Didier

    the cool fact is that the tip of the Ile de Nantes, where the building gonna be built, is really windy… wonder how the terraces on the top floors will be confortable with so much wind ;)

  • mout

    Take the google car, go at this adress : 23 Rue Albert Roussel 75017 Paris France and check if the project is a failure !

  • syaharidzin

    its look like Ken Yeang's design

  • Cas

    Surreal soil depth.

  • Shipra

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