Tribal DDB office by i29


Tribal DDB office by i29

Walls, ceilings, furniture and lighting are covered in grey felt at this advertising office in Amsterdam by Dutch interior architects i29.

Tribal DDB office by i29

Felt was selected for its sound-absorbing properties and to integrate the different surfaces and existing structural elements with one gesture.

Tribal DDB office by i29

It also served to cover the scars where parts of the building had been demolished or altered.

Tribal DDB office by i29

Designed for Tribal DDB Amsterdam, the offices accommodate 80 members of staff.

Tribal DDB office by i29

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Here are some more details from i29:

Tribal DDB office

Tribal DDB Amsterdam is a highly ranked digital marketing agency and part of DDB international, worldwide one of the largest advertising offices. i29 interior architects designed their new offices for about 80 people.

Tribal DDB office by i29

With Tribal DDB our goal was to create an environment where creative interaction is supported and to achieve as much workplaces as possible in a new structure with flexible desks and a large open space. All of this while maintaining a work environment that stimulates long office hours and concentrated work. As Tribal DDB is part of an international network a clear identity was required, which also fits the parent company DDB. The design had to reflect an identity that is friendly and playful but also professional and serious. The contradictions within these questions, asked for choices that allow great flexibility in the design.

Tribal DDB office by i29

Situated in a building where some structural parts could not be changed it was a challenge to integrate these elements in the design and become an addition to the whole. i29 searched for solutions to various problems which could be addressed by one grand gesture. At first a material which could be an alternative to the ceiling system, but also to cover and integrate structural parts like a big round staircase. Besides that, acoustics became a very important item, as the open spaces for stimulating creative interaction and optimal usage of space was required.

Tribal DDB office by i29

This led us to the use of fabrics. It is playful, and can make a powerful image on a conceptual level, it is perfect for absorbing sound and therefore it creates privacy in open spaces. And we could use it to cover scars of demolition in an effective way. There is probably no other material which can be used on floors, ceiling, walls and to create pieces of furniture and lampshades than felt. It’s also durable, acoustic, fireproof and environment friendly. Which doesn’t mean it was easy to make all of these items in one material!

Tribal DDB office by i29

i29 always looks for choices that answer to multiple questions at the same time. They tell a conceptual story about the company, the space and the users of the space. They deal with specific practical and functional issues and they have to have some autonomous quality as well. These ‘levels’ are intertwined; one leads you to the other. If you see how smart it serves it purpose practically it leads you to the company. If you see the powerful image that is non-depended, it leads you to the functionality, and round it goes.

Tribal DDB office by i29

At i29 we believe that simplicity builds character. Compare it to a human being; strong individuals always have one or few characteristics that stand out. We all know how hard it is to stay focused on the one thing that is most important to you. The same way it is with a design. The result of being very selective is that you have to push the one choice to the limit. It also provides a field of tension, and gives energy to a space without fail into chaos. But more importantly it leaves you with a charismatic environment.

Tribal DDB office by i29

Client: Tribal DDB Amsterdam
Design: i29 l interior architects
Size: 650 m2

Tribal DDB office by i29

Constructor: Slavenburg
Interior build: Zwartwoud
Materials: white epoxy flooring, felt, hpl, steel
Furniture: lighting & furniture objects custom made

  • If only there is an accent color here somewhere, maybe I'll like it.

    • Jez

      I guess color wil come from people's clothes… that'll be nice.

  • David

    Beuys would be proud.

  • job

    In a creative design like this you don't need color. I love it..!

  • miss house

    The contradiction between the softness of the material and clear straight lines in the design is fascinating! good job, again, i29

  • Rod

    I'm glad that I don't work there. Feels like a hospital.

  • Magnus

    With all that felt the accoustics are that well that you need to shout hard at your nabour asking him to get you some coffee. Never the less, a well done project! Grey is the new black..

  • Tony

    Oh, that's going to be cheery working environment for getting through the wet, grey Dutch autumns and winters. : (

  • How depressing…
    The grey felt makes your working space look like a bad rendered image.

  • hansi

    exactly. it inspires you to create the colors (and more) in your mind… a great basis for a creative environment, i like it! what about fire restrictions?