Radioactive Control by Luzinterruptus


Radioactive Control by Luzinterruptus

An army of 100 scarecrows dressed in glowing decontamination suits kept a sinister vigil over the Dockville Festival in Hamburg earlier this month.

Radioactive Control by Luzinterruptus

Installed by Spanish designers Luzinterruptus, the figures were supported in regular rows and adorned with nuclear symbols, blank faces and taped-up mouths.

Radioactive Control by Luzinterruptus

They remained in place for one month.

Radioactive Control by Luzinterruptus

Luzinterruptus specialise in guerrilla lighting installations, with past project including “cosy” places to relax and read crime novels in undesirable parts of town and autumn leaves with LED lights attached. See all our stories about their work here.

Radioactive Control by Luzinterruptus

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Radioactive Control by Luzinterruptus

Photos are by Gustavo Sanabria.

Radioactive Control by Luzinterruptus

The information below is from Luzinterruptus:

The installation Radioactive Control was created for the Dockville Festival in de Hamburg which tried to demonstrate, in a humorous tone, the paranoia that we are suffering from since the escape of radioactive material in Japan, has brought into question the safety systems at the nuclear power plants.

Radioactive Control by Luzinterruptus

With our mysterious army of 100 illuminated radioactive figures, which advanced threateningly on the natural environment of the festival, we wanted to invite reflection regarding the use and abuse of nuclear energy, cheap in economic terms, but which can cause grave secondary effects for the environment and health, forever irreversible.

Radioactive Control by Luzinterruptus

Germany has been the first developed country to announce the total abandonment of nuclear energy by 2022, we know that this was not an altruistic decision and has a lot to do with the creation of new and innovative industries, which will make them pioneers in the market.

Radioactive Control by Luzinterruptus

But just in case they change their minds, we already know that what politicians legislate today, they change tomorrow with impunity, we wanted to simulate, for the festival, a life under the constant threat of nuclear accidents.

Radioactive Control by Luzinterruptus

Thanks to the people of the Dockville organization for their help and support in putting together the installation and their hospitality during our stay and to all the volunteers who donated their time and abilities so that in the end our army stayed afoot, with a military air, for the month that the festival lasted.

Radioactive Control by Luzinterruptus

Time of installation: 6 days.

Radioactive Control by Luzinterruptus

Damages: none.

Radioactive Control by Luzinterruptus

Exhibition time: 30 days.

The photos are by Gustavo Sanabria.

  • boo

    A remarkable piece!

  • Seda Tuna

    ‎"Hiroshima c'est ton nom…"

  • anonymous

    hauntingly beautiful

  • Noemi_letsgroup

    Great idea by Luzinterruptus to show to the world that we must change our energy resources. I don't know if the idea of not using nuclear energy is the best one for our development, but we will surely be safer.

  • Red Pill Junkie

    Looks like an alien invasion ;)

  • WFr

    The mouths of the figures aren't "taped-up" (although, if they were, it might make an interesting point about government censorship during the recent events in Japan). They're wearing surgical masks (this is most obvious in the sixth photo from the top).

    Regardless, a creative and impressive piece of work.

  • Jacques Thelad

    It looks like somethig Miyazaki would create.

  • Eva Domingo

    I would like to salute the people behind this magnificent work… it's really one of a kind..

  • Nils

    As you can see on the last pic of this set, the installation was called "radioactivity controls"… or take a look here:

  • Jim

    That pic looks horrible.