House SL by [tp3] architekten


House SL by tp3 architekten

Austrian studio [tp3] architekten have completed a stark white house in northern Austria with translucent sliding walls around a grassy courtyard.

House SL by tp3 architekten

A concrete base surrounds the ground floor of the three-storey House SL, which is set into the hillside between two towns.

House SL by tp3 architekten

The house wraps around part of the surrounding grass landscape to create a courtyard at first floor level.

House SL by tp3 architekten

White shutters slide over the windows of the main house.

House SL by tp3 architekten

Inside the house, a grey-painted staircase connects the first-floor living rooms with bedrooms above and a garage below.

House SL by tp3 architekten

Other houses in Austria from the Dezeen archive include one where three separate units are linked by glass passages and another made from concrete and raised up on legs - see more projects in Austria here, and see our recent coverage of Vienna Design Week 2011 here.

House SL by tp3 architekten

Photography is by Dietmar Tollerian.

House SL by tp3 architekten

The following few sentences are from the architects:

House SL, Engerwitzdorf, Austria

This building is located on a southern slope situated between the towns of Mittertreffling and Gallneukirchen.

House SL by tp3 architekten

The Mühlkreis motorway runs along the opposite hillside, and a dual carriageway along the valley, majorly compromising what is otherwise a beautiful area of land. This was also the starting point for the draft strategy.

House SL by tp3 architekten

The building was not positioned on the northern limit of the parcel but deliberately Verb as a 'noise protection wall' and as a 'supporting wall' to create a peaceful and even courtyard area facing towards the south. The courtyard opens on its western side, where it connects with the 'natural' garden that includes fruit trees.

House SL by tp3 architekten

The architectural configuration of the building takes reference to the traditional farm structures of the Mühlviertel with its tripartite arrangements, and the white and grey façades.

House SL by tp3 architekten

In our case, this is concrete and a polyurethane cover which stretches around the entire building and neighbouring building.

  • David

    Suspiciously private …Fritzel-inspired? (Bad taste, I know)

  • Peter Fox

    @David: No worries, I do agree entirely. Why on earth does someone submit pictures of his own project with all the blinds being shut down?? It doesn't help the elevations at all. The plans are quite crisp though.

  • martini-girl

    A seriously depresing residence.

  • xxx

    social housing?

  • Liam

    looks like a concept model. it has no life or vibrancy! ona positive note, love it's simplicity.

  • Steven Kingsley

    The landscape doesn't look like it featured, makes the building seem stark