Mr Chocolate Moustaches by Diego Ramos


Mr Chocolate Moustaches by Diego Ramos

Qubique 2011: if you've always wanted to be photographed wearing a chocolate moustache, come along to the party Dezeen is co-hosting with Red, the association of Spanish design companies, in Berlin on Friday. 

Mr Chocolate Moustaches by Diego Ramos

The range of edible face-wear, designed by Spanish designer Diego Ramos is called Mr Chocolate and was made in collaboration with chocolatier Chocolat Factory. The Playdesign party at the Michelberger Hotel in Berlin will showcase the work of 10 Spanish designers. For more details on the party click here.

Mr Chocolate Moustaches by Diego Ramos

The party takes place during Qubique, a new design fair taking place at the former Tempelhof airport from 26 to 29 November. The fair features a Dezeen Web Station designed by Neulant van Exel where you can relax and browse the internet; and a bookshop where you can buy our new book, Dezeen Book of Ideas.

  • Alex Levin

    hahaha the curly q is my favorite

  • svp

    Amazing, one of my lifelong ambitions has been to wear a chocolate moustache. See you there!

  • dane

    This is soooo 4 years ago ;)

  • Nat

    watch the date! qubique takes place 28-30 octobre, doesn't it?

    • @Dezeen

      Hi Nat. The last day of Qubique is Saturday 29 October, so you'd better get your skates on!