Silicone Duo by Kitmen Keung


Silicone Duo by Kitmen Keung

Take tea in serene silence with this silicone set by Hong Kong studio Kitmen Keung.

Silicone Duo by Kitmen Keung

Silicone Duo deadens the noise of putting down a cup or stirring in sugar, with a stirrer made of steel coated in silicone and a large rectangular silicone coaster.

Silicone Duo by Kitmen Keung

The coaster slopes inwards at one end to prevent the stick rolling away.

Silicone Duo by Kitmen Keung

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Silicone Duo by Kitmen Keung

Photography is by Greg Lin.

Here are some more details from Kitmen Keung:

Designed To Be Silent

Design studio Kitmen Keung has developed a silicone-made coaster and stirrer set for quiet public working spaces like office and library. Drink packs are commonly seen in an office nowadays where people are regularly in need of a quick cup of tea, coffee, chocolate milk, etc. whether or not during snack time or more often, in the middle of a long-hour work.

Silicone Duo by Kitmen Keung

Due to this, mugs, coasters and stirrers have become inevitable drinking utensils in office. However, the fact that mugs and stirrers usually generate noises inspires a review of the connection amongst the two in a quiet public working environment like office or library.

Silicone Duo by Kitmen Keung

Starting from such a point, the duo set, then, is designed to be silent, which consists of a coaster and a stirring stick. The 5mm thick coaster is made purely from silicone in an ordinary 4:5 ratio rectangular shape, and the stick is made of a thin steel rod wrapped in a layer of 1.5mm thick silicone skin. The coaster provides a 3cm wide secondary corrugated surface in the form of an inwards sloping edge, which neatly pulls the round-shaped stick towards and in parallel with the carved slots much like a magnet.

Silicone Duo by Kitmen Keung

The softness of silicone material absorbs sounds when mug, stirrer and coaster hitting each other, which enables the whole stirring process proceeds silently in the quiet working environment.

Made from 100% food grade silicone
Endurable temperature: -40°C ~ 230°C

  • capslock

    i prefer metal over a silicone dust magnet thanks.

  • interesting, but it is not practical to lift the saucer.
    There is no possibility to take it properly.

  • If you get upset by even the noise of a spoon inside a mug, then you might as well lay low on the caffeine, and stick to water son ;)

  • Ann Foguenne

    I love this material and the neat retangular shape, this is going on my christmas list!

  • H-J

    If you need to prevent your stick from rolling away, don't make it round…

  • Rafael

    Haters gon' hate!

    JK… Nice but not 100% functional

  • nice design

    the sloping detail interestingly integrates the stirrer into the coaster. I usually don’t have a good idea where to put my tea spoon at office…

  • Jessica

    minimal and beautiful… I love the slope and want to buy 50 for my lounge