Taipei Performing Arts Centre
by OMA


Slideshow: here are the latest visuals by architects OMA of their designs for a performing arts centre that broke ground today in Taipei, Taiwan.

Taipei Performing Arts Centre by OMA

Once complete, the building will comprise three theatres positioned around an elevated cube with a corrugated glass exterior.

Taipei Performing Arts Centre by OMA

One of the three auditoriums, named the Proscenium Playhouse, will have a spherical form and will be able to merge with the slightly asymmetric Grand Theatre to create a performance venue with a 60-metre-long stage.

Taipei Performing Arts Centre by OMA

The building is scheduled to open in 2015.

Taipei Performing Arts Centre by OMA

OMA won a competition to design the centre back in 2009 , which you can read more about in our earlier story.

Taipei Performing Arts Centre by OMA

Here's some more information from OMA:

Taipei’s new Super Theatre breaks ground

Construction begins today on the OMA-designed Taipei Performing Arts Center in Taipei, Taiwan. President Ma Ying-jeou, together with Mayor Hau Lung- pin, representatives from the Taipei City Government, OMA, and local design partner Artech Architects will take part in the groundbreaking ceremony. TPAC is a new kind of venue with a 60m stage Super Theatre and highly adaptable, efficient, and intimately connected with the urban fabric.

Taipei Performing Arts Centre by OMA

The design of TPAC, comprising a 1,500-seat theatre and two 800-seat theatres, is the result of investigation into the internal workings of theatre. Plugged into a central cube clad in corrugated glass, each theatre shares backstage space and mechanical facilities. Two of the three theatres can be combined into a Super Theatre with a 60-metre long stage for experimental new forms of performance.
Lifted from the ground, the central cube allows the street to extend both under and up into the building, drawing people into a public loop where backstage workings that are normally hidden from view – rehearsals, technical spaces – are made visible. TPAC aims to let the audience experience new elements of theatrical production at the same time as inviting a broader public to engage with the performing arts.

Taipei Performing Arts Centre by OMA

OMA’s Partners-in-charge of the project, Rem Koolhaas and David Gianotten, will be present at the groundbreaking together with Managing Partner Victor van der Chijs. The entire TPAC team, led by Associate-in-charge Adam Frampton, will also be at the ceremony, joined by Artech Architects Founder – Architect Kris Yao, Senior Partner – Architect Willy Yu, and the Artech team.

Taipei Performing Arts Centre by OMA

Rem Koolhaas comments: “The flexible configurations of the theatres allow unimagined scenarios, incessantly stimulating theatrical experiments.”

Taipei Performing Arts Centre by OMA

David Gianotten remarks: “TPAC engages a wide public not only by providing spaces for performances, but also through exposing parts of the backstage to the public. The general public will have a glimpse of performing arts production and a new theatrical experience.”

Taipei Performing Arts Centre by OMA

Associate-in-charge Adam Frampton notes: “The premise of the design is to combine three theatres into more than the sum of their parts. Similarly, the collaboration between the Taipei City Government, international and local architects, engineers, and specialists has yielded a collective result exceeding individual potential.”

Taipei Performing Arts Centre by OMA

OMA won the competition for Taipei Performing Arts Center in January 2009 after beating 135 entries from 24 countries. Completion of the project is expected in 2015 with an estimated construction budget of 5.4 billion Taiwan dollars (about €140 million).

Taipei Performing Arts Centre by OMA

Currently, OMA’s offices in Hong Kong and Beijing are also overseeing the completion this year of CCTV’s new headquarters in Beijing and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange; Chu Hai College of Higher Education in Hong Kong will be completed in 2013.

  • Julius Jääskeläinen

    Captive Globe!

  • gAngster

    I especially liked how the press release mentions the local partners in their press blurb..

  • i2h

    omg a giant metallic testicle just crashed into the side of a building! no wait, it's just oma.

  • ADD

    This confirms that the Koolhaas era is finally over. Let us all rejoice. For the man's written and spoken output has always contradicted the banality of his post-modernist buildings conceived through a well-documented but banal design process of "ad a ball and a cube and out them on angled sticks what do you get" (maybe later ad a giraffe in your photos for distraction). Personally, I am glad he has turned his focus on Asia, where buildings like these are still regarded "avantgarde" – on par with golf courses and replicas of European towns.

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      And who are you? Can we see your portfolio?

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    Oh great: yet another building that looks like something bad has happened. At least the adjunct structure isn't a cube or "crystal".

  • Bowen Qiu

    Most of people think its ugly, but it says the ugly can be appealing as well. Not everyone is born to be same kind of beautiful, yet everyone pursues happiness and contented in life. Congrats OMA!

  • gAngster

    great looking project..

    and good to see the local architect Kris is properly credited and given prominence for their contributions by Rem and David. some of the other oma disciples should learn that class goes a long way..

  • The building structure is unique and the interiors are awesome hope i will be opened as early as possible before 2015…

  • steef

    This is gonna be a beauty. After having visited casa da musica I think OMA should focus on doing public works (and stay away from urban masterplans)

  • Green

    So unbelievably ugly…can't imagine that sphere is gonna age well either

  • ste

    i didn't like the stereo forms when i first saw the project… today with all the changes and real structure it looks great to me! guess there is a lot of spatial quaility and function and atmosphere! no need for streamlines paremetricism here… forms can stay simple as long as the content evolves!

  • NLM

    Interesting to see a OMA project with platonic forms.

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    its only a computer render and it already looks dated…

  • The second section looks great. I think the round ball spoils the overall form. Like a tumor.

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    Add little mirrors and play some ABBA while shining light at night

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    So stupid. His main idea was not a beauty of theater. He is saying system of theater. If you understand the history of adaptable theater, you realize how it is great.

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    Is there a big live theatre scene in Taipei? I’m doing research for a project and I’d love to know more!

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    It’s a tumor!