Monthly archives: March 2012

Dezeen Music Project: L'Hallucination
Electronique by Ayham Dalal

We've had a fantastic response to Dezeen Music Project so far, with loads of great music submitted already. Please keep uploading your tracks to our Soundcloud account.

This track by Ayham Dalal in Jordan should get you nicely in the mood for the weekend. We've been bopping our heads to it in the Dezeen office all afternoon.

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Smári McCarthy at
Me Craft/You Industry

Smári McCarthy at Me Craft/You Industry

In this second talk from our short series filmed by Dutch design organisation Premsela during their January symposium Me Craft/You Industry, software developer and hacker Smári McCarthy uses music sharing platform Napster as an example to explain how in the near future he believes craft productions will move away from centralised industries and challenge their existing authority. More »