House Eadie by Tribe Studio


House Eadie by Tribe Studio

Glazed walls slide back to connect the L-shaped living room to a corner courtyard in this Sydney house renovated by local firm Tribe Studio.

House Eadie by Tribe Studio

The House Eadie project involved removing layers of 1970s DIY modifications from the listed worker's cottage, while maintaining traces of the home's layered past like dribbled paint on the stained glass windows and badly laid bricks.

House Eadie by Tribe Studio

Storage is tucked in wherever possible to accommodate the needs of raising a toddler while allowing space to entertain adults.

House Eadie by Tribe Studio

Folding wooden shutters screen long rows of high windows upstairs.

House Eadie by Tribe Studio

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House Eadie by Tribe Studio

Photographs are by Katherine Lu.

House Eadie by Tribe Studio

Here are some more details from the architects:

House Eadie is a heritage listed Federation workers' cottage in Surry Hills, Sydney. The brief from the client was to create a house that is at once toddler-friendly and also a great house for entertaining adults.

House Eadie by Tribe Studio

The house was considerably dilapidated and very little heritage fabric had survived DYI renovations in the seventies.

House Eadie by Tribe Studio

Tribe's strategy was to reveal the irregularities of the original building fabric, and to honour the interventions over time.

House Eadie by Tribe Studio

The original decorative brickwork of the front of the house was partially revealed by partially removing layers of paint.

House Eadie by Tribe Studio

Historic paint dribbles are retained on stained glass windows. Poorly laid bricks are revealed. The house retains the romantic sense that it has been treated roughly by time and that it's origins are modest. The new elements respond to this heritage.

House Eadie by Tribe Studio

The material selection is raw and direct. The house is aggressively unpretentious.

House Eadie by Tribe Studio

The living spaces are rearranged around the existing courtyard, allowing northern light to enter the house. Storage is shoehorned in at every opportunity, including a butler's pantry, wine storage and a pram garage.

House Eadie by Tribe Studio

Year: 2011
Project Team: Hannah Tribe, Ricci Bloch
Builder: JLS Construction
Structural Engineer: Damian Hadley - Cantilever Engineers
Area: 143sqm

House Eadie by Tribe Studio

Materials and Products used:

Klip-lok Lysaght Colorbond
External Walls: Scyon Axon James Hardie and heritage brickwork (paint removed)
Internal Walls: Plasterboard CSR and existing brickwork painted
Window Frames: Victorian Ash
Flooring: Fibro cement sheets CSR with acrylic sealer
Pendant Light: Nelson Bubble Lamp
Kitchen: Limewash plywood with white laminate benchtop and exposed ply edge.
Timber Deck: Blackbutt
Furniture: Great Dane Moller oak table #26, Great Dane oak bedside table, Han Wegner silver/grey plank chair, Eames dining chairs, In Your Room plywood kids stools.

House Eadie by Tribe Studio

  • clayton

    why is the kid playing with a vacuum

    • Simon

      You're obviously not a parent, my kids were entertained by a hat for half an hour this morning. Or perhaps he's not playing with the vacuum, perhaps he lives there alone and he was just tidying up.

      I really like this project, Tribe do a lot of great houses. A nice solution to the highlight windows in the bedroom if you have to have them, but are they practical to close. Love the timber doors.

    • JeffK

      Ha, I agree with Simon. My 4 year old nephew loves vacuuming so much we got him a toy one for Christmas! Kids love to play adult.

  • Architect

    The tiny courtyard with floor-to-ceiling windows and the ceiling window transforms the living room. Superb project.

  • Antje

    beautiful project – love the windows

  • Rozlyn de Bussey

    Congratulations on work well done. The mix of the old with the new in the use of materials and product is a wonderful Oz Architectural re-contexturalisation of inner city living.

  • Penderlina

    i feels a little lifeless, a lack of charachter, but perhaps this is to change once it has been lived in.

  • Wallnutt

    Great house – but needs art.

  • Michelle

    I like that they have so much storage that they can't fill it – why have just enough storage when you can have too much? It's planning for the future – makes sense. I do find the bathroom a little abattoirish though..

  • Patrick Tofts

    Get a Dyson and watch the children
    They now make a child size one

  • cherry wood

    Dining is very beautiful.