Transitory Bookshelf by Robert Stadler


Transitory Bookshelf by Robert Stadler

Milan 2012: Austrian designer Robert Stadler will present a bookshelf that separates the books you've finished from those you haven't read yet at Galleria Nilufar in Milan next week. 

Transitory Bookshelf by Robert Stadler

Made from an aluminium composite, the shelf is folded into the shape of a W to create the two pockets that hold the books.

Transitory Bookshelf by Robert Stadler

A computer-controlled machine manages the manufacturing so that each shelf can be cut, folded and engraved in a single process.

Transitory Bookshelf by Robert Stadler

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Transitory Bookshelf by Robert Stadler

Here's some more text from the designer:

"Transitory bookshelf", 2011 by Robert Stadler

"Transitory bookshelf" points out a well known dilemma - books are piling up at home because we lack time to read them. This object combines two inclined platforms which help us to handle the situation : the "read!" section reminds us that we should take time to read; the "read." section's purpose is to digest books we have recently read before they disappear into the jungle of our main bookshelf. With its form, the Origami-like object reminds us a folded envelope. "Transitory bookshelf" is made out of 4 mm Alupanel®, an aluminium composite. The object is cut out, incised for folding and engraved by a CAD controlled machine in just one single process. "Transitory bookshelf" stacks and becomes extremely rigid once glued together.

"Transitory bookshelf" will be presented at the "Unlimited" show at Galleria Nilufar / Milano.

Opening on Monday 16 april.

  • Gabriele

    If your read and unread books fit on this shelf probably you will end up designing furniture like this.

    • But I want all the visitors to my house to believe I’ve read all the books I keep at my library. I mean, that’s the whole point! ;)

  • H-J

    It would've been nice if the parts of the "W" could shrink or contract depending on the amount of books that still have to be read/have been read, or that the hinging point would move. An exclamation mark versus a dot is all there is in this project, it could have been so much more.

  • Very creative! Is there a longer version of this shelf?