Pencil-case pen and Pencil V2.0 by Yang:Ripol


Pencil-case pen and Pencil V2.0 by Yang:Ripol

London design studio Yang:Ripol have remixed humble stationery items to create a pen that doubles as a pencil case and an eraser-capped pencil with its own brush.

Pencil-case pen and Pencil V2.0 by Yang:Ripol

The Pencil-Case Pen has a built-in elastic band that acts as a minimal pencil case, holding several pens together so they can be found more easily in a bag or kept tidy on a desk.

Pencil-case pen and Pencil V2.0 by Yang:Ripol

"This pen is for someone who doesn't want to take a bulky pencil case, but carries a few pens in their bag," says Yeonju Yang of Yang:Ripol.

Pencil-case pen and Pencil V2.0 by Yang:Ripol

"From my personal experience, I do carry pens and markers to write and to draw, but it often can be difficult to find them in my bag. This is our interpretation of the most minimal pencil case, in which a pen has a rubber band that can be used to hold other pens together."

Pencil-case pen and Pencil V2.0 by Yang:Ripol

Pencil V2.0 has an angled brush on the eraser end, which can be used to brush away bits of used eraser. "This appendage adds extra functionality to the pencil, like an update," says Yang. "You can erase and brush away the rubber dust."

Pencil-case pen and Pencil V2.0 by Yang:Ripol

Yang:Ripol was founded last year by Yang and fellow Royal College of Art graduate Claudio Ripol.

Pencil-case pen and Pencil V2.0 by Yang:Ripol

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Pencil-case pen and Pencil V2.0 by Yang:Ripol

  • helly

    Seriously? What year is this? Who needs this anymore?

  • Seriously you don't use pen or pencils? which world is this? how are we suppose to design without them? I can design without computer but never without a pen.
    well done I love it specialy the pen holder

    • helly

      They didn't design pencils, they designed attachable rubbers with brushes and silly rubber bands that hold everything together.

      • telly

        Can a rubber band be silly? that's just silly : )

  • osi

    “You can erase and brush away the rubber dust.” – woooooooow……. in my opinion that is the example of: let's do sth stupid and say we're artist and designers so everyone will think that this rubber-brush thing is a real piece of art…. bleeeee

    this thing looks like made in china stuff, nothing to be proud of

  • rohtmuz

    i just use an elastic band, always have done, always will to hold pens together

  • tobias

    been tying up my pens and pencils with rubber bands for years…

  • Paul

    I don't get it. None of these ideas make any sense to me – sorry.

  • apartment:9732

    Nothing a rubber band can't do. And it does a better job of it too.

    As for that eraser and brush – is that even for real? Because you're really going to sit their using that tiny eraser, and then 'brush' the rubbings. Really??

  • Pauline

    They are sweet, where can I buy?

  • nocturnal

    what’s the point of it being V2.0…the bands been used even by myself since kindergarten..and the brush? cmon lah..

  • Phil

    this is going to change the world…

  • @Tomas I love your webpage "Designs". How many pencils did you and your team use but the first initial squiggles maybe? Looks very digital all to me.
    I still own pencils yes but mostly I look at them like antiques. I sketch anything from costumes to building on my Wacom or good old fashion HP iPac… NO PENCILS save TREES

  • The brush does not answer the problem of the extraneous eraser waste as one still has to either find a bin in which to deposit it once gathered on the paper or, in the case of the lazy, hold the paper horizontal in the proximity of one's lips and blow.

    I have now patented a micro vacuum machine, based on the successful Dyson model, that clips onto the pencil end . A transparent tube (the waste cylinder) is clipped in parallel to the pencil's body connected to the vacuum unit at the pencil end. There, a small flexible tube can be directed onto the paper's surface to gather said eraser waste, to be disposed of later at the end of the drawing session by detaching the waste cylinder from the pencil and emptying it into the nearest bin.

    It is hoped that this unique design will bring relief to artists and designers worldwide who for decades have suffered in desperation with this problem .

    • hiro

      You seem to be confused with the function of a brush (which has been used for years) The point of a brush for the eraser shavings is so you get them out of the way withouth blurring the drawing, not so you can put them away.