Drawings on the London Olympics
by Clo'e Floirat


Drawings on the London Olympics by Clo'e Floirat

Writer and artist Clo'e Floirat has sent us a series of comical-satirical drawings of venues for the London 2012 Olympics, including one of the "Awful Tower" representing the much-criticised ArcelorMittal Orbit tower by Anish Kapoor as an Eiffel Tower tied in knots (above).

London Olympic Stadium by Clo'e Floirat

Above: "Olympic Stadium' comments on the controversy over the sponsorship of the "wrap" around the Olympic Stadium, designed by Populous.

Aquatics Centre by Clo'e Floirat

Above: "Aquatics Centre" refers to the temporary seating wings added to the Aquatics Centre designed by Zaha Hadid. The wings will be removed after the games, allowing Hadid's building to be properly appreciated.

Basketball Arena by Clo'e Floirat

Above: "Olympic Basketball Arena" is a comment on the low-cost nature of many venues. The basketball arena is located in a temporary PVC tent designed by Sinclair Knight Merz with Wilkinson Eyre and KSS.

Velodrome by Clo'e Floirat

Above: "Velodrome" is a visual pun on the form of the cycling arena by Hopkins Architects.

Drawings on the London Olympics by Clo'e Floirat

Above: "The Awful Tower" refers to the sculptural viewing platform by Anish Kapoor that has been widely criticised.

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  • Chris

    You can make fun of the 'awful tower' all you want, but badmouth the Velodrome and you will feel my wrath.

  • anon

    Why demoralise their event, we wouldn't like it done to us

  • Johnny


  • c'mon, im a huge fan of the Olympic venue designs (still not sure on the mittal) and overall construction strategy that are being played with here but I love these. This is great….

  • Benjamin

    Is Dezeen's obsessive "criticism" of the Orbit tower getting a bit embarrassing?
    Firstly, they fail to post many comments in support of the tower in an earlier report, and now their obsessive desire to get in another stab at the "Awful Tower" is so strong that they post a report on nothing more than a few satirical sketches!
    C'mon guys, your supposed to be design professionals.

    • What comments did we fail to publish Benjamin? Dezeen itself hasn't criticised the tower as far as I know, although plenty of our readers have.

    • Paul

      Couldn't that just be because there simply weren't many positive comments about the Orbit Tower?

      As an art piece I find the tower very hard to 'read' or appreciate – there is none of the ambiguity of form present in a lot of Kapoor's most famous works, nor anything particularly monumental about it, unlike his splendid installation at Tate Modern a few years ago.

      As a viewing platform, it doesn't really offer much over the London Eye (which was a much more successful marriage of large corporation and tourist attraction). Thankfully the majority of the stadia for the London Olympics are well designed (even if Hadid's won't look at it's best until after the actual games).

  • Josh Nelson

    I love these… hilarious and playful. Go simplified illustrations with very deep meanings. The Eiffel Tower one is just genius-to me it reminds us how much the tower was hated and that people found it ugly and industrial only to ironically become the architectural symbol for love and beauty.

    HOWEVER…. I don't think Anish will be so lucky, that tower is hideous. #FAIL

  • I won’t be holding my breath expecting Coe et al to take any note of Tower Hamlets, as they treated us with contempt when they took away from us our one Olympic event.