Windoil by
Dave Hakkens


Dutch designer Dave Hakkens has devised a wind-powered oil press for making nuts and seeds into homemade oils (+ movie).

Windoil by Dave Hakkens

Called Windoil, the press relies solely on wind power and can be used to process nuts and seeds such as walnuts, hazlenuts, and linseeds, or whatever can be found locally.

Windoil by Dave Hakkens

Once the nuts have been gathered and placed into the funnel of the press the wind rotates the metal fins, powering the gear mechanism to grind the nuts and extract the oil.

Windoil by Dave Hakkens

The remaining pulp of the nut or seed can be used in cooking, as animal feed or as compost.

Windoil by Dave Hakkens

Hakkens claims the bottle in the movie above took just 60 nuts.

Windoil by Dave Hakkens

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Windoil by Dave Hakkens

Here's some more information from the designer:

I like good food! Food which is made in the right way with good ingredients. Usually this is home made food. But his often takes a lot of time and energy which makes it expensive.

Windoil by Dave Hakkens

I made an oil pressing machine which works only on wind energy. The machine is made to press nuts and seeds such as walnuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, linseeds, hazelnuts. The wind power is transformed with a worm drive to make the movement slow but very powerful.

Windoil by Dave Hakkens

First I gather some nuts and put them in the machine. When the machine starts pressing I just sit back and relax. The leftover pulp is full of protein, great for cooking or feed your animals and plants with. The machine doesn't use heat which means good pure cold pressed oil is produced.

Windoil by Dave Hakkens

The oil is put into old glass bottles, labeled and sealed with a cork. The only thing I need to pay for is a cork and a label, the rest is just for free...

  • twanny

    AMAZING! Good food made cheap and sustainable! :D

  • Great idea, but I doubt whether it could get past the H&S in the UK!

  • Timo

    Puts a smile on my face :)

  • Very nice idea.

    But how do you fend off any nosy squirrels? ;)

  • Menshevik

    “The remaining pulp of the nut or seed can be used in cooking, as animal feed or as compost.” – Farm animals eat grass not nuts.

    “The only thing I need to pay for is a cork and a label.”- I thought this was described as for “home made” use not a commercial product.

    “the rest is just for free…” ?!
    The labor to design the wind machine. The labor to maintain it. The labor to load it with nuts. The labor to gather the oil. The cost of replacing lost product when it becomes too windy and the bottles are knocked to the ground, broken.

    And how do you get the nuts? Is everything falling from the sky into the machine?

    Ignorance is bliss.

    • deedee

      Long live creativity and dreaming up great concepts. With being grumpy and negative, the world does not become a better place. Let's stay constructive please!

      • Vik

        “Sans la liberté de blâmer, il n’est point d’éloge flatteur” motto of Le Figaro.

        The author of this work has fooled you deedee, but not me. He obviously has the spirit of a child, as Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

        As we all know, Michelangelo once said: “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.”

        Deedee, I’m simply asking the author to raise the bar, as should you. I mean he’s so close, and his arguments for why he’s doing what he’s doing are terrible. (c=

        • Andrew

          That is ridiculous to say Vik. It seems as though you are making assumptions about what success is for everyone. Farm animals don't only eat grass. Putting labels on your homemade food doesn't mean you need to go commercial you just like things organized and neat. I am a minimalist so I admit to me it seems a little excessive on the fancy labeling of home goods but that is just his artistic preference. It all depends on what you want out of life. I don't want other people controlling what is in my food or how it is processed. The inventor is probably the same. Homesteading at any level takes work but you aren't working for the greedy unscrupulous Plutocrats when you make a living off the land. What kind of warped ideals have you made up in your mind and are trying to impose on others?

  • Amity Layne

    I think this is wonderful. I wonder how it works with algae.

  • Todd Gamache

    I love this! Dave was still a design student when he created this. I am inspired by his creativity.