Collapse lamp by
Hayo Gebauer


This lamp by German designer Hayo Gebauer falls over when it's turned off (+ movie).

Collapse by Hayo Gebauer

Called Collapse, it has a cord slotted through the loose wooden components that make up the base to hold them upright under tension.

Collapse by Hayo Gebauer

When the cord is released, the weight of the protective foam shade makes it topple over.

Collapse by Hayo Gebauer

Electrical contacts in the toggle that holds the cord in place complete the circuit to turn the lamp on when it's upright.

Collapse by Hayo Gebauer

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Collapse by Hayo Gebauer

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Collapse by Hayo Gebauer

  • Penis lamp! “Turn me on”

  • And the point is? Too weird & ropy for me.

    • Weird but unique, which I do not like when the lights are turned off to make a mess on the table.

  • To make the video, I'm guessing you had to screw/fix the base to the surface. I had the same problem with one of my designs. It means in reality it's impractical to do one handed. I like the germ of the idea, even if it is pointless. PT

  • mike

    This is absolutely nothing new! the collapsing theme here shown is just combined with some “hip” aesthetics. A Dutch designer named Ben Pearce had a stool for his graduation in 2010 which was a lot more sophisticated and worked out and actually had some real context concerning the relation of men and product.

    I’ve been to the DMY this year, and I must say the overall quality and freshness of products wasn’t much, all lookalikes, very “hipster”. This one would have fitted right in there. I really miss the wow factor, all has to be made out of wood, cheaply and simple mad and then sold for “design prices”?

    • This project is not about making something “new”. Is it always about making something new? It was my personal approach to the topic “collapse” along with many other approaches. This is the one I chose.

      I have not seen this project you were talking about, I’d be glad if you showed it to me. I’m sorry, but why are you even mentioning the DMY? That sounds a bit off topic.

      Also your rage about “design prices” and so on, does not seem appropriate. I am still a student and this is just one of my projects. I’m glad it has gotten some attention.

      • mike

        Dear student, there is absolutely no hate intended!

  • @product tank

    The socket is solid steel and has foam rubber attached on the bottom.

  • Change the lamp for a wooden posing figurine and you'd have something interesting ;)