The Weather Yesterday
by Troika

The Weather Yesterday by Troika

London design studio Troika have been poking fun at the British obsession with the weather with their lighting installation in an east London park.

The Weather Yesterday by Troika

The LED lights on the five-metre-high installation change throughout the day to depict conditions from the same time the previous day, so passers-by can see whether the weather is better or worse.

The Weather Yesterday by Troika

Classic forecasting icons show whether it was sunny, rainy or cloudy, and a numerical display shows the temperature.

The Weather Yesterday by Troika

Custom-made software and a wireless connection enable weather data to be updated automatically.

The Weather Yesterday by Troika

The installation opened in east London's Hoxton Square last weekend as part of the London Festival of Architecture, and it will remain there until 9th September 2012.

The Weather Yesterday by Troika

During the festival, the square was also home to a handful of cloud-like parasols designed by London-based architectural practice Harry Dobbs Design.

The Weather Yesterday by Troika

Photographs are by Troika.

The Weather Yesterday by Troika

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The Weather Yesterday by Troika

Here's some more information from Troika and the London Festival of Architecture:

The Weather Yesterday takes our obsession with progress ad absurdum by sardonically changing our focus from 'forecast' to the 'past'. The five metre-high sculpture celebrates the weather as a predominant topic of discussion in British culture while offering a spin on the urgency with which we are using our mobile devices, forecasting and interactive technology.

The Weather Yesterday by Troika

The London Festival of Architecture (23 June - 8 July 2012) with its theme of 'The Playful City' brings architects and communities together across the capital.

RIBA London is partnering with the London Borough of Hackney and consulting engineers Ramboll to transform Hoxton Square with the 'Weather - It's Raining or Not' installation by architect Harry Dobbs, including 'The Weather Yesterday' by creative practice Troika.

An interactive light installation, 'The Weather Yesterday' will playfully highlight Britain's obsession with the weather, with the square set to feature a collection of parasol-shaped structures around a central five-metre-tall visual creation displaying the previous day’s weather conditions using classic forecasting iconography.

Parasol-shaped structures from architects Harry Dobbs, playfully dotted around the square, offer social meeting places for rest, play and discovery under their cloudy canopies. Chameleon-like, they will respond to the visitor, at one moment creating a cosy space protected from the elements, or next opening up to support the wider shared experience of the square.

Exhibition on display 7 July - 9 Sept 2012
Hoxton Square

The Weather Yesterday
LEDs, aluminium, custom electronics
2,20 m (H) x 2,20 m (W) x 10 cm (D)

  • Andy

    Cool project, love the execution. Plus loads of interesting weather related articles linked to at the bottom. How about a new Pinterest board, Dezeen? It’s certainly a topical theme at the moment, given the dire forecast for the Olympics.

  • Grapes

    Looks wicked! Well done!

  • BenW

    I walked past this this morning – very cool. However the weather in the UK at the moment can’t be summed up with any four-letter expletive…

  • This year, surely we British are allowed to be obsessed and complain about the weather..!