Zaha Hadid denies blame for restricted
views at London 2012 Aquatics Centre


London Aquatics Centre 2012 by Zaha Hadid

Dezeen Wire: architect Zaha Hadid has denied her design for the London 2012 Aquatics Centre is to blame for the 600 tickets sold to Olympic spectators unaware they'll have a restricted view of the top diving events.

"The brief for the building from LOCOG was to provide 5000 spectator seats with uninterrupted views of the 10m diving platform events," says a statement from Zaha Hadid Architects. "The centre actually provides over 8000 seats with uninterrupted views of the 10m platform events. This is more than 3000 additional seats than the brief required. LOCOG approved the sightline studies and seating layouts over two years ago."

Those seated at the top of the temporary seating wings will have to watch dives from the ten-metre platform on large screens and about 2400 seats were not put on sale at all because of restricted views.

Hadid herself wasn't invited to attend any of the events at the venue.

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  • Joda

    Her style and buildings are irrational like few other architects within this architectural flow (Liebeskind, Gehry and few others).

    Deconstructivists are bad people. They destruct the order. They are on the dark side of the force. Architects they are not.

    • Mike

      yYour jokes are bad and you should feel bad.

  • jeffG

    Typical careless design, once again. Zaha’s buildings are all a good laugh.

  • compasso

    Haters gonna hate.

    This the first aquatic centre in the history of the modern Olympics with temporary seats and that’s not ZHA’s fault for sure. Compare the budgets with Beijing and you have your answer.

    The aquatics centre (without the extra seats) and the velodrome are what this city will be proud of years after.

    How about Heatherwick’s design and a flame YOU CANNOT SEE OUTSIDE THE STADIUM?

    PS: enough with Bauhaus cliches: it’s 2012. And that’s coming from a bauhaus “fan”.

    PPS: the aquatics center is amazing but the boat she designed is like a giant slipper.

  • aloha

    These days it’s completely normal that people think form follow function is some old saying. But the truth is something like this could happened because the function is considered “secondary”. However you can’t blame the architect for doing their design. You choose Zaha Hadid, have seen her style, and approve that design.