Rapha Cycle Club
by Brinkworth


London cyclists can hang their bicycles on the walls while they grab a coffee or browse at this Soho store for cyclewear brand Rapha by design studio Brinkworth (+ slideshow).

Rapha Cycle Club by Brinkworth

The Rapha Cycle Club is conceived as a social meeting place for road cyclists, where memorabilia is exhibited alongside the brand's latest products and live racing is aired on screens surrounding a cafe area.

Rapha Cycle Club by Brinkworth

Like the company's other spaces in San Francisco and Osaka, the London club has a Citroen H Van parked up inside it and uses a colour palette of black, white and pink that matches the aesthetic of the Rapha logo and products.

Rapha Cycle Club by Brinkworth

Metal-framed cabinets and tables can be wheeled around the concrete floor to provide flexible display stands.

Rapha Cycle Club by Brinkworth

"With Rapha Cycle Clubs, there is finally a permanent home for cycle fans to totally surround themselves in all the best aspects of road cycling in a great café atmosphere,” said Brinkworth Director David Hurren.

Rapha Cycle Club by Brinkworth

More clubs are due to open in Melbourne, New York and Tokyo and will have similar designs to the London branch.

Rapha Cycle Club by Brinkworth

Other cycling shops we've featured on Dezeen include one with chunky chipboard walls and artificial turf floors.

Rapha Cycle Club by Brinkworth

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Rapha Cycle Club by Brinkworth

Here's a project description from Brinkworth:

Brinkworth design London Rapha Cycle Club.

Luxury cycling apparel brand Rapha appoint design consultancy Brinkworth to create their unique retail concept - Rapha Cycle Club.

Brinkworth were commissioned to develop the Rapha Cycle Club concept into an environment that would reflect the core cultural values of Rapha’s heritage, the glory and suffering of world road cycling. The first permanent UK Cycle Club now open in London’s Soho, builds on Rapha’s vision to provide a meeting place for the cycling community to eat, drink, watch racing and shop from the full Rapha product range, totally immersing themselves in a space dedicated to the pursuit of road cycling.

The Cycle Club aesthetic exemplifies the Rapha approach of premium design and materials while referencing workshop functionality. A flexible retail system has been developed to display not only apparel but unique products and Rapha’s collection of cycling memorabilia. A double height rear feature wall creates a backdrop to the iconic Rapha ‘H’ Van, a constant element of the brand, evoking a strong image of 60s racing.

Brinkworth have taken an intentionally unconventional approach to the layout, designing a space that places equal importance on the social and retail aspects, to deliver a truly blended experience. Bespoke cycle storage for visitors’ bikes and tools for basic bike servicing and maintenance are available, ensuring that the club is a key destination for both city cyclists and racers alike.

Integrated within the space is a custom-designed bar area with zinc-topped counter, reminiscent of timeless European café culture, underpinned by the Rapha branded cups and espresso machines. Visitors sit at laser-etched tabletops that feature famous alpine climbs, while watching racing on large screens positioned within the space. Solid concrete flooring combined with the unmistakable grey, white and pink Rapha colour scheme brands the overall space.

  • Christine

    What a wonderful idea! There needs to be one of these in every major city!

  • Bart

    As a Dutch hardcore cyclist I’d say a useless combination of ideas. What kind of cyclist would go there? Looks like a bathroom and will turn into one on a regular London rainy day, when you bring your bike in. Would be better to invest in some signature bicycle locks outside than trying to get your bike as close as possible to your table.

  • Raphael

    A bit of a mess, I'm afraid. Quite like the last image though.

  • Kim

    Actually, it’s not a “bit of a mess” at all. The space – when you’re in it and not just viewing images on a website – is very user-friendly and evokes a club room type feel, albeit in a modern context.

  • Novalinnhe

    Agree with Christine and Kim – this looks like a very fun little space, and the front entrance is absolutely fantastic. This seems to be receiving a lot of dislike, though… I really don’t understand why!