Squaring by
Lee Sehoon


Squaring by Lee Sehoon

The hinged boxes of this bookcase by Korean furniture designer Lee Sehoon can be spun round to create a neat grid or a scattered circle (+ movie).

Squaring by Lee Sehoon

The Squaring bookcase is made from nine wooden boxes that can be rotated from a simple square into a circle of sloping boxes, finishing in a cross shape.

"Disequilibrium caused by different weights creates a new shape every single time," explains the designer.

Squaring by Lee Sehoon

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Squaring by Lee Sehoon

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Squaring by Lee Sehoon

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  • LSinFL

    Where can we buy these?

  • Jim

    Nice, but looks very much like another design I’ve seen around: http://tomcecil.co.uk/furniture/146-auxetic-table

  • http://dailygrail.com/ Red Pill Junkie

    But then you'd always be hesitant to take a book out, lest it unbalances the whole bookcase ;)