Chocolate Bar
by Bro.Kat


Chocolate Bar by Bro.Kat

Chocolate appears to be dripping down the walls at this cafe in Opole, Poland, by interior designers Bro.Kat.

Chocolate Bar by Bro.Kat

Located in the market square, the cafe only occupies a 30-square-metre unit but the designers have built a mezzanine to fit extra seating areas into the space.

Chocolate Bar by Bro.Kat

"The chocolate melting on the walls is the only embellishment of the room," said designers Roma Skuza and Bogna Polańska, before explaining that the "milk drops" hanging from the ceiling are lamps.

Chocolate Bar by Bro.Kat

Black, brown and cream are the only shades used for furniture and decoration, reflecting the three main varieties of chocolate.

Chocolate Bar by Bro.Kat

Ground floor plan - click above for larger image and key

A dark brown-coloured bar and kitchen are located beneath the mezzanine, which the designers refer to as "a square of chocolate".

Chocolate Bar by Bro.Kat

Mezzanine plan - click above for larger image and key

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Photography is by Radosław Kaźmierczak.

  • Mark

    Looks like a cheap rip-off from Wonderwall’s design for Godiva in 2009. The chocolate dripping from the wall looks tacky and badly formed. While doing research they must have come across the Godiva store and they perhaps should have reconsidered.

  • holmot

    Designed by a child?

    • Natalia

      No, this is Poland…

  • That's my kind of decor!

  • Annie

    Completely agree with Mark. We can all see that these guys have done some research but adapting someone else’s scheme to your own site can only be tolerated in level 1 of a design course.

  • Don

    I have to agree with Mark here. I’d prefer not to (being Polish), but what he wrote is right.

  • Ami Brooks

    It annoys me when people see an idea which has been vaguely used somewhere else and shout “RIP OFF! RIP OFF!” from the hilltops. So riddle me this. Is every new lighting fixture a par on Thomas Edison? In my opinion, it isn’t. It really isn’t.

    Godiva is to Chocolate Bar as Adele is to Noel Gallagher. Both singers have vocals chords. But you could never put them in the same box because they sound so different – and this is the same with these two buildings. How many times can you reinvent melted chocolate?

    So here’s a new take on it. Both bars incorporate chocolate (and its stereotypes) in a very literal way throughout the space. However. Godiva’s dripping chocolate is regimented, pattern-like, and relatively small – the chocolate on the walls is not intended to be the focal point (obviously excluding the ceiling, which cheerfuly nestles somewhere between “theme park” and “lurid”). Chocolate Bar’s dripping chocolate is, in design terms, very much the opposite – stark, messy, and every bit the focal point it attempts to be.

    So please can we sit back and enjoy the building for what it is? A wonderful, tiny space which they turned into the above. :)

  • Екатерина

    Украли идею) и главное реализовали!
    Мои светильники, мои потеки,если я использовалf как аналог Godiva, но тырила элементы.
    Выполнила курсовую работу, а они тупо с курсовой работы украли все)

  • Too much.